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Isis Unveiled -

Oct 11, 2007 12:35 PM
by Sveinn Freyr

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From Old Diary Leaves Vol I

~ S. F.

Chapter  "Isis Unveiled"

I corrected every page of her manuscript several times, and every page
of the proofs; wrote many paragraphs for her, often merely embodying
her ideas that she could not then frame to her liking in English;
helped her to find out quotations, and did other purely auxiliary work: ...

Then, whence did H. P. B. draw the materials which compose Isis, and
which cannot be traced to accessible literary sources of quotation?
From the Astral Light, and by her soul - senses, from her Teachers --
the "Brothers," "Adepts," "Sages," "Masters," as they have been
variously called. How do I know it? By working two years with her on
Isis and many more years on other literary work.

To watch her at work was a rare and never - to - be - forgotten
experience. We sat at opposite sides of one big table usually, and I
could see her every movement. Her pen would be flying over the page,
when she would suddenly stop, look out into space with the vacant eye
of the clairvoyant seer, shorten her vision as though to look at
something held invisible in the air before her, and begin copying on
her paper what she saw. The quotation finished, her eyes would resume
their natural expression, and she would go on writing until again
stopped by a similar interruption.

- P. 208 - 209

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