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News release from Rupert Sheldrake

Oct 11, 2007 07:05 AM
by Jokela Petri

Some of you may be interested about Rupert Sheldrake. One can join to
e-newsletter list on his 

official site


There is different kind of telepathy tests one can do as "can you tell when
you are being stared at?"

and many other similar like that. Please check his web page and read his
last e-newsletter down below if you feel like.


With Best Wishes,






8th October 2007


In September I addressed 100 senior executives from Nokia at a castle in
Austria. For several years they have been thinking of their organization as
a morphic field, apparently with helpful and profitable consequences. They
were also interested by my research on telephone and text message telepathy,
and we discussed ways in which telepathy test could be built into the
software for their mobile phones. 



I  recently analyzed the results of the Joint Attention Test (located on my
web site,, at the Online Experiments Portal). This test
involves two people and takes only four minutes. Over 200 people have taken
part so far and the results are showing a positive, statistically
significant effect.  In this test, in a series of 20 trials, both
participants are shown one of two different photographs (a different pair
for each trial). By chance they may either see the same picture as their
partners, or a different picture, and both have to guess whether their
partner has seen the same picture of not. It's easy to do, and I am keen to
see if the pattern of results so far proves repeatable. Please have a go!
This test makes a good homework assignment at schools and colleges, so if
you teach or know someone who does, please suggest that they ask their
students to try this. 




A precognition prize!  100 pounds for the first person to get 6/6 in the
precognitive text message test, located in the Online Experiments Portal.
People can try the test as often as they like. (This works only in the UK)



The Trialogue of the Month for October is Creativity and Chaos, and is
available in streaming audio now.



Some discussions between myself, Daniel Dennett, Oliver Sacks, Freeman
Dyson, Stephen Jay Gould and Stephen Toulmin are now available on youtube.
You will find the link on my web site. The two extracts, from a PBS TV
programme called "A Clash of Minds" are discussions of the habits of nature
and of homing pigeons. 



The Open Source Science Project is sponsoring new research on dogs that know
when their owners are coming home, and grants are now available for this
research- see New Research with Dogs on my home page.

Rupert Sheldrake                                               



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