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Re: Theos-World Which Theosophy?

May 03, 2007 08:52 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Just a few days back I read HPB writing about the difficulty making people
think for themselves (I can't immediately quote the passage) and the
importance of making people think for themselves. When one is constantly
exposed to a set of ideas day in day out, a kind of unconscious brain
washing takes place that even very learned and intelligent persons find it
hard to realize (they may be even leaders and PhDs). All organizations want
conformity and obedient followers and that makes it easy to run the orgn.
Some of these individuals sometimes try to use principles such as Karma to
make the followers conform. One time, a well know leader in one of the
organizations made a very subtle attempt to do so to me and I saw thru it.

We need more independent thinkers who are also independent in the sense they
are not looking for fame or power or public or organizational acceptance,
since most organizations try to influence the thinking and action thru
subtle incentives (monetary or in-kind) for conformity of the follower.

My 0.02.


On 5/3/07, nhcareyta <> wrote:
>   It seems to me that so long as people blindly follow and accept
> others' pronouncements, INCLUDING those of the Mahatmas and Madame
> Blavatsky, we as a humanity will never fully think for ourselves and
> will continue to think, speak and act largely from our often fear-
> based, habit, conditioned, reactive mindset produced and inherited
> from skandhas, parents, school, peers, society and culture.
> Perhaps only when we truly liberate our minds will we see beyond
> these distinctions and limitations and will indeed begin to develop a
> nucleus of the Brotherhood (Unity) of humanity. Until then, many of
> us will continue to follow like sheep whichever person, group or
> organisation happens to tell us either that which we would like to
> hear or how we would like things to be.._._,___

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