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Who's The Authority?

Dec 13, 2006 10:11 AM
by cardosoaveline


Why can one believe that there is no authority outside one's own 
conscience and consciousness, and at the same time feel happy to be 
an associate of the United Lodge of Theosophists,  and an friend of 
the Edmonton T.S., the Pasadena T.S. and other groups of Blavatsky 

The ULT magazine in India, "The Theosophical Movement", opens an 
article quoting William Judge thus: 

"We implicitly believe that in this curve of the cycle, the final 
authority is the man himself. In former times the disclosed Vedas, 
and later, the teachings of the great Buddha, were the right 
authority, in whose authoritative teachings and enjoined practices 
were found the necessary steps to raise Man to an upright position. 
But the grand clock of the Universe points to another hour, and now 
Man must seize the key in his hands and himself—as a whole—open the 
gate."  —W.Q. Judge

And then TTM goes on: 

"In these words the student of Theosophy has an important idea to 
reflect upon. Even earnest students are sometimes apt to overlook 
that there can be no 'Theosophical authority'.  One of the objects 
of the Theosophical Movement was to make men think for themselves 
and to break down that reliance upon acknowledged authorities which 
has been the bane of man for ages. Sometimes the impression has been 
conveyed that the final arbiters in matters of belief are the 
Masters, or H.P.B., but at no time has any of them given out such an 
idea. Theosophists are engaged in trying to develop a truer 
appreciation of the Light of Life which, however dimly, shines in 
every man not hopelessly sunk in bestiality; and so, for each, the 
only true and final authority for anything lies within. H.P.B.'s 
words are unequivocal: 'It is just because we have devoted our whole 
life to the research of truth...that we never accept on faith any 
authority upon any question whatsoever; nor, pursuing, as we do, 
TRUTH and progress through a full and fearless enquiry, untrammelled 
by any consideration, would we advise any of our friends to do 
otherwise (The Theosophist, Vol I, p. 279. ' "  

See the rest of the article on "The Final Authority" in TTM, 
December 2000,  clicking at

Best regards,   Carlos. 

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