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Olcott, a Mason.

Dec 12, 2006 08:43 AM
by carlosaveline

As everyone knows, the TS was a precarious thing in the U.S. up to HSO's and HPB's departure for India;  and the situation went on like that until Judge's work flourished in the 1880s. 

There was never a confusion between theosophical movement and masonry up to 1907. 



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Assunto:Theos-World Re: Olcott, a Mason.

> Based on that he was a fellow of a Royal Arch Chapter in 1860, and 
> to join a Chapter one must be a Master Mason (from initiation (First 
> Degree) to become a Master Mason takes no shorter then two years) 
> and officer in a blue lodge (one have to be a Master Mason at least 
> one year before one can become a officer normally). In those 
> districts in the US were they was following English Masonic 
> Tradition, the MM had to be a Mark Master Mason (MMM) before (or 
> more correct, its recommended) he can entered the Royal Arch 
> Chapter, but I do not know if Olcott was in American (where the 
> Mason tacks the Chapter before the Mark) or English (where Mark is 
> before Chapter). In the English case, it will then be plus one year. 
> Olcott was Senior Warden 1861, in a Blue Lodge. So then we have to 
> count. From initiation to Master Mason, 2 years, minimum 2 years as 
> a junior offices (Tyler, Outer Guard etc), 1 years as Secretary (or 
> Treasurer), Junior Warder 1 year and finally Senior Warden. That 
> gives minimums six a' seven years. (The document I'm basing these 
> calculations on are mentioned in HPB Speaks vol. I p. 27).
> So Olcott was initiated 1855 or before. 

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