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Thomas Pynchon

Dec 08, 2006 03:53 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Thomas Pynchon

    Thomas Pychon has a new book out, 
"Against the Day."  He's one of the current 
fiction writers who is worth reading, 
along with Hillerman and Carmac McCarthy.  
Pychon seems he must be an omnivorous 
reader from the big scale of things he 
covers.  One quote in his "Mason and Dixon" 
(Henry Holt, 1997) makes me pretty sure 
he's read some Blavatsky also, as she 
is the only one I know of who says that 
pranayama breathing practices in Hatha 
Yoga are dangerous.   Pychon writes:

    "... in India they understand how 
important the breath is, - being the 
Soul in different form, - and how 
dangerous it is to meddle unnaturally 
with the rhythms proper to it."

      In "Mason & Dixon" he refers 
to a lot of arcane subjects like Am. 
Indians, Indian Mounds, Serpent Mound, 
a Buddhist sect, etc.

    Carlos says 300 people are supposed 
to be on theos-talk.  I'll eat my dog's 
shorts if that is true.  There are 
probably a heirarchy of lists of who 
gets what, and what nobody gets.

        - jake j.

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