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Besant Closes Her E.S.

Nov 19, 2006 04:49 AM
by carlosaveline

In 1928 Mr. Krishnamurti was happy to see that Esoteric School had been closed by Annie Besant,   as he had requested.  
He seemed to believe he was Lord Christ. 
In November 5th,  he wrote to his close friend  Lady Emily Lutyens: 
?At Colombo the local papers, English and Indian, were full of Krishnamurti.  Interviews, & I spoke there.  Garlands at every station & devotion.....    Amma [i.e., Annie Besant] is in Delhi & will be back  the day after tomorrow morning.  I had a letter from her & she has closed up the E.S. throughout the world, indefinitely.  She says that I am the Teacher, I ought to teach  & no one else,  & so the E. S. is closed.  It?s a good thing; it had to come and it has come in timely manner.  Many will be relieved & many will dislike it & curse.  But there it is.  Here, at Adyar, many, I believe, are delighted and the thoughtless are becoming thoughtful. At last. It?s all very serious and gives me  an immense opportunity but I must be wise & full of patience. I am happy Amma has done this before I came, of her own accord.  (...) To build up something & then to  put it aside for something bigger is the greatest thing.?  (1) 
Very modest indeed, this ?Lord Christ?.  
 That Annie had obeyed Krishnamurti  in closing the E.S. showed once more that she had no idea whatsoever about what she was doing as ?outer head? of the Esoteric School 
But in 1929 Krishnamurti dissolved the ?Order of the Star?,  and soon Annie Besant reorganized her old Leadbeaterian Esoteric School. Which, by the way,  had little in common with the authentic E. S. created by H.P.B. in the 1889.
Mary Lutyens writes in one of her biographies of  J. Krishnamurti: 
?In 1930 Krishnamurti resigned from the Theosophical Society.  This became inevitable when barely two months after the dissolution of the Order  Mrs. Besant reopened the Esoteric Section throughout the world.? (2)
Why had Krishnamurti closed the messianic Order of the Star?  
The Catholic ?bishop? James Wedgwood was saying that the Messiah Operation had gone wrong. But Krishnamurti said the opposite. (3)  In those times there seemed to be no limit for  esoteric fancies of all kinds. 
Best regards,  Carlos Cardoso Aveline. 
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(1) ?Krishnamurti -- The Years of Awakening?,  by Mary Lutyens, Farrar, Straus & Groux, New York, 1975, 326 pp., see p. 265. 
(2)  ?Krishnamurti -- The Years of Awakening?,  by Mary Lutyens, p. 276. 
(3) ?Krishnamurti -- The Years of Awakening?,  by Mary Lutyens, see pp. 276-277. 
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