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Re: "Tampering" (?) with H.P.B.'s "The Voice of the Silence"

Nov 16, 2006 03:22 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

Dear Daniel,

--- In, "danielhcaldwell"  wrote:

> Bodhidharma called them in China---from whence
> the names reached Tibet---the *Tsung-men* (esoteric)
> and *Kiau-men* (exoteric school).

> The TC edition changes this passage to read: (p. 25)

> The *Bodhidharma*, Wisdom Religion in China---
> whence the names reached 

It is apparently a result of well-meaning but ignorant efforts.
Though Bodhi Dharma can be translated as "wisdom religion", here the 
founder of Chan (Zen) Buddhism, was probably meant. Most probably the 
editors knew nothing of him. The latter term kiau is transcribed 
nowdays as jiao men or somwehat like that (all this due the communist 
authorities of China force the northern dialect instead of the 
southern which was more popular before)

On pp. x-xi of the original, one finds the following:

> . (*Bhagavatgita II*. 70). . 
> . (*Bhagavatgita II*. 27). . 
> The TC edition (p. iv) changes the spelling of this Hindu text and
deletes the numbers "70" and "27".

Yes, there's an error in the "Voice". When I was prepareing the 
corrected translation I found out that it should be II.67 and II.12.
TC editors also noticed this arror but didn't take a trouble to find 
right references.
Most probably HPB didn't have the book with her and had to look into 
it astrally, what could lead to distortion of the numbers due the 
nature of space on the astral plane
(being blurred, mirrored and upside down 12 can seem 21 or 27 and 67 ? 
76 or 70).

> Also the spelling of many Sanskrit words has been
> changed in the TC edition when compared

It's OK. There was no regular system of sanskrit transliteration in 
that time, while now it is.

I conclude that while the editors had good intentions they seemed not 
to posess any considerable knowledge nor in the subject, neither in 
the eastern scriptures, so the results were deplorable. It also sets 
under doubt their connection with any serious esoteric school.

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