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Re: Theos-World Re: Wed Nov 8 Thought for the Day - Peace and Joy

Nov 11, 2006 07:50 PM
by Rodolfo Don

Hi Raul,

Unfortunately I cannot understand what you are saying. Could you send  
me a single subject in a small paragraph ? Do you know Pepe Guitar ?  
We had him around Theos-talk for a while.

R. Don

Theosophy: Its creed is Loyalty to Truth, and its ritual 'To honour  
every truth by use.'
H. P. Blavatsky - from The Key to Theosophy

On Nov 11, 2006, at 10:36 AM, Raul Giraud wrote:

> Hi Rudy.
> I had wanted to respond to this message earlier, but Its hard  
> sometimes for me to find Internet access being on the road. Below  
> is something I wrote after reading the HPB quote you offered. In  
> simple terms it is my interpretation or restatement of one of the  
> ideas HPB touched on in that quote. I offer it for comments /  
> questions / corrections.
> The spiritual individuality is the True Man, or Ego, who in this  
> human cycle of manifestation (where Consciousness begins to  
> dominate his other Divine Elements) puts on 'cloaks of  
> personalities' in order to learn from life, and eventually learn to  
> live with the Laws of LIFE and thus attain to a Spiritual Self- 
> Consciousness identified with the ONE LIFE. The unpleasant life is  
> the life of self-isolated consciousness ? that personality that has  
> not begun to re-attain the Spiritual Consciousness where the  
> personality is wedded to the True Man and identifies with the ONE  
> SELF ? which is LIFE and JOY.
> LIFE manifests in an "eternal, ceaseless motion" of aspects of LIFE  
> becoming LIFE Itself. Each manifestation journeys from the lowest  
> possible grade of manifestation, which we could imagine an  
> unconscious atom to be, onwards to the highest, of which we could  
> imagine a Universe of Universes. As is the great, so is the small.  
> This manifestation of LIFE in infinite form, and eternal action, is  
> necessary for LIFE to discover its essential Perfection. This is  
> the only attribute of LIFE ? Its eternal, ceaseless motion. Thus,  
> if any unit of LIFEs manifestation (any spark of Divine LIFE)  
> attempted to realize its essential Perfection living only one life,  
> whether the life of a plant or a tree or a sun, it could not ever  
> Know itself to be what it essentially is - LIFE itself. The only  
> perfect realization that one tree could ever know is that it is a  
> Tree.
> And so the spark of the Divine LIFE, that is the center of Man's  
> Being, will experience LIFE in all its manifestations by the "the  
> cycle of re-births" - a Law of LIFE - which has its analogy in this  
> human phase of life in the casting off of one personality to put on  
> a new one.
> When we find ourselves to have experienced all that can be had of  
> any one manifestation of LIFE, we will have once again come to a  
> Unity with LIFE, but now with Consciousness of THAT - where no  
> longer is the unpleasant illusion of seperatness, but instead the  
> undying Peace and Joy. But of course this is not the end. LIFE is  
> infinite and eternal.
> Raul G.
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