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A quick and short good bye

Nov 01, 2006 01:18 PM
by Gary Barnhart

Friends and fellow students,

My energy is being directed toward the establishing a Theosophical study group in the Austin, Texas, USA area.  The group will begin meeting in January,2007.  There are already a few interested persons and a meeting place.  If you know of someone in that area who may be interested please have them contact me through my  tel. (512) 619-4747 for further information.  No prior, present , or future society or lodge or other group affiliation is required or requested.

As I am unsubscribing to this discussion site, I will share with you my most favorite of all aphorisms that can be used at any time and which I ask myself every morning to reinforce my way in life regardless of whether I agree or disagree with another's opinions or views.  This is taken from the small but powerful book "The Way To Freedom" by His Holiness The Dalai Lama.  

"Our state of mind is so important that whenever the Indian master Atisha met someone, the first question he would ask was, "DO YOU HAVE A KIND HEART TODAY ?"  I trust and believe that simple question is the key to all humanizing, altruistic, compassionate, and harmonizing conversation and action, thus many times during a day I ask myself that question as a reminder.  This is not my possession, it is the question that may be used by all humankind to release ourselves from bondage of selfishness, fear and delusion, and keeps one in the key priorities of mindfulness and introspection which are the soil for the foundation stones of virtues upon which our temple of the heart and brotherhood is built.

Wishing you a happy life and a kind heart,
Gary Barnhart

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