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Letter About Judge, the dead HPB, Tingley, Hargrove, etc.

Jun 29, 2006 08:27 AM
by danielhcaldwell

I answered a letter of inquiry today as follows:


Hello -----,

I will try to answer your questions.

Concerning the E.S.T. Circular of April 3, 1896 at:

no, it is NOT fake.

Even the Theosophy Company in their THEOSOPHICAL
MOVEMENT histories (1925 and 1951) acknowledges that
this document is real and genuine although in those
histories the writers do not agree with many of the
statements in the circular.

See one of these histories at:

I'm sure if you write to the Theosophical Society,
Pasadena, CA., or Point Poma Publications, San Diego, CA.
or to the Edmonton Theosophical Society [Canada] they
will verify that the circular is real and genuine,
that is, was issued in 1896 by the principal followers
of Mr. Judge's esoteric school, etc.

And yes, Mr. Judge did receive what he considered to
be messages from the dead HPB.

See for example on our website the following

Yes, my understanding is that "Promise" refers to Mrs.

Concerning Julia Keightley, here is one document by

Concerning Hargrove, I do not know anything about
these letters Hargrove was suppose to have received
from the Masters.  Something new to research!!

At first Hargrove supported Mrs. Tingely.  But a year
or two later difficulties arose between them.  See:

Concerning Hargrove's society, there is not much
written on it.  There is an article in THEOSOPHICAL
HISTORY by the late John Cooper about Hargrove's
society and esoteric school.


Theosophical History, April-July 1993 issue, "The
Esoteric School within the Hargrove Theosophical
Society" by John Cooper.  Available from Theosophical
History.  You will need to email Dr. Santucci about
obtaining a copy of this issue.  See:

Hargrove's society did have a publication titled 
THEOSOPHICAL QUARTERLY.  Some of the volumes of this
periodical have been reprinted.  See volumes listed at  I give a link:

I hope this helps.

If I have not clearly answered any of your queries
please write back.  Also if you have additional
comments or questions, let me know and I will try to
give more info if I can.

As you probably are aware, there is more relevant
material at:

And thanks for your kind words about our website!!


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