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Re: Theos-World Re: JESUS & HPB

Jun 25, 2006 07:42 AM
by adelasie

Hi Compiler,

Along these lines, we can be sure we are defining the words the same. 
Miracle in the context taken means something outside of nature's 
laws, something done by some divine intervention. But in theosophy we 
learn that there is nothing outside of the laws of nature, that the 
laws of nature define the emanations of divinity. It comes down (like 
just about everything else) to consciousness, in this case, how much 
of it we have. To the extent that we understand the laws of nature, 
we can use them to produce effects which, to a person with less 
understanding, would seem like effects outside the law. The 
difference is that we understand and the other person does not. If we 
did not know about fire, and someone showed up who struck a match and 
lit a fire, we might think that person was acting ourside the laws of 
nature. Actually, he would be acting outside our limited perception 
of the laws of nature, but fully within the scope of those laws 


On 25 Jun 2006 at 9:23, Compiler wrote:

> Lenny, based on all that you said below, could you maybe continue on
> and explain some of those things, as well as maybe some other things,
> related to this particular idea that I THINK I remember reading about
> years ago somewhere within the mass of theosophical literature -- and
> that is that, and if I even remember this more or less correctly, and
> so only said here in my own way, that when it comes to the ideas of
> "magic" or "miracles", if not also some other so-called powers that an
> adept can do, there is NO magic or miracle involved as people
> generally think about them, but that the adept is only capable of
> speeding up the natural processes in some way of whatever he makes
> appear or come into or go out of existence quickly.
> Thanks in advance.
> John DeSantis
> (Compiler)
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