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Re: Theos-World Re: JESUS & HPB

Jun 24, 2006 04:54 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks Leon, I agree with your comments below, the transfiguration of water into wine, is merely the breaking down of the chemical elements and reassembly by an act of will, and the control of the elementals - the same way  that Scotty was able to be beamed up and down!  

I raised the notion of miracles in a theosophical sense in that Apollonius was a master magi, I was questioning whether Jesus was in the same league.  If he actually existed, and if he did exist, was he a Master or a Man?  I personally cannot accept the crucifixion myth, in fact I believe it was pure fiction - a good story to round up the converts into believing there was nothing divine about them.

Cass wrote:                               According to theosophy, and its basis in pure metaphysical science -- there 
 are no "miracles." Everything that occurs in the universe is governed by 
 fundamental laws.   The so called "miracles" of the Biblical (mythical) Jesus are 
 simply the result of the ignorance or made up stories of the original writers.   
 Whether they were performed by Apollonius or not, they still were not 
 miracles -- but simply based on an adept knowledge of the application of such laws to 
 achieve effects that would cause ignorant observers to report them as 
 In a message dated 6/22/06 1:39:51 AM, writes:
 > Yes, I know and understand the Jesus Myth.�
 > I am suggesting that the elder church fathers, plagarised the life of 
 > Apollonius of Tyana as being Jesus the Nazarene.�
 > Other suggestions include Jesus, a simple but spiritual man, was a physical 
 > vessel only for the Lord Maitreya to speak through Jesus.� Jesus consciously 
 > agreed to lay down his personality (his lower self) at these times.
 > HPB states that Jesus the Son of God and the crucifixion is a Myth, 
 > suggesting that he may have been a master who was willing to "be used" by the higher 
 > forces for the greater good of humanity.� After three years or when the 
 > teachings had taken root, Jesus the Master, was not crucified but returned to his 
 > life with Mary, endowed with new knowledge, but still, only a Man.
 > Another suggestion is that the Crucifixion of Christ, is a symbol of the 5th 
 > initiation of a Master.�� No longer nailed to matter - resurrected in 
 > spirit.� After this initiation it is almost impossible for the Adept to be seduced 
 > by the Black Brotherhood.
 > So I guess my question is, if Jesus was a legend, who was the man that 
 > performed all the miracles, etc?� Or is that also a legend?� Apollonius, who has 
 > been given no credit did perform all the miracles that were placed upon Jesus.
 > Cass
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