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Re: Gregory Tillett on: "Jesus didn't exist and he lived 100BC!"

Jun 23, 2006 07:54 AM
by plcoles1

Thanks Daniel ! 
Good posting Mead does make this comment in the forward of the book, interesting to 
know now who he was referring to 


"It has been my good fortune?for so I regard it?to know a number of people who have 
their subtler senses, to a greater or less degree, more fully developed than is normally the 
case, and also to be intimate with a few whose power of response to extra-normal ranges 
of impression, vibration, or stimulation (or whatever may be the more correct term) may 
be said to be, as far as my experience goes, highly developed. These latter are my 
personal friends, whom I have known for many years, and with whom I have been most 
closely associated. 

>From long knowledge of their characters, often under very trying circumstances, I have no 
reason to believe they are trying to deceive me, and every reason to believe in their good 
faith. They certainly would have nothing to gain by practising, if it were possible, any 
concerted imposition upon me, and everything to lose. For, on the one hand, my devotion 
to the studies I pursue, and the work upon which I am engaged, is entirely independent of 
individuals and their pronouncements, and, on the other, my feeling of responsibility to 
humanity in general is such, that I should not have the slightest hesitation in openly 
proclaiming a fraud, were I to discover any attempt at it, especially in matters which I hold 
to be more than ordinarily sacred for all who profess to be lovers of truth and labourers 
for our common welfare. Nor again is there any question here of their trying to influence 
some prospective "follower," either of themselves, or of some particular sect, for we are 
more or less contemporaries in similar studies, and one of our common ideals is the 
desirability of breaking down the boundary walls of sectarianism."

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> Jesus didn't exist and he lived 100BC!
> See:
> Daniel

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