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when things go wrong

Jun 17, 2006 05:42 PM
by Eldon B Tucker



As you indicate, when we take something that is good, it is possible to
point out rare cases where things go horribly wrong and a nightmare ensues.
Childbirth can be a good experience, but there are rare cases where the baby
or mother dies in the process. Those accidents catch our attention because
of their rarity, and may seem more interesting because of the novelty
factor. Even so, they do not disprove the general value of the experience to
most people. Childbirth to most people is a special time, one of the many
major turning points in life. Likewise, the sense of brotherhood that comes
from enjoying music together or in shared recreational activities is
beneficial to all, in those majority of situations where things don't go





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It's also the same with the Olympics and other international sports. Since
everyone plays by the same rules and has an equal chance of winning, it
provides an opportunity to break the ice and get to know others as real
people. (Differences in population to draw upon for athletes and in money to
spend on coaching and training can make a difference, but even so, real
talent has something of a fair chance of winning out regardless of high tech
and wealth.)

On the other hand--British soccer fans. And in the early 70s a literal 
shooting war broke out between Honduras and El Salvador over a soccer game.

And of course there was the Terrorist Event at the 1972 Olympics which had 
the unique distinction of being the only Olympic event that I have ever
in the slightest interesting.

Chuck the Heretic

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