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Re: Theosophy Virtual Lodge - Live Lecture: "Ralph Waldo Emerson" by Bill

Jun 17, 2006 10:24 AM
by Truth Collins

Correction, *Today* the meeting is today.

--- In, "Truth Collins" <tcollins93006@...>
> Greetings! We would like to remind you the live lecture Bill
> Meredith will present *today* in the Theosophy Virtual Lodge . We
> count with your presence in this effort to promote theosophical
> awareness. Please see details below:
> Saturday, June 17 - 3:00 pm New York (EDST)
> *Ralph Waldo Emerson*
> *Bill Meredith* presents: Ralph Waldo Emerson, a talk including a
> sketch of Emerson's life and work and selected readings which
> demonstrate that Emerson can be viewed as a forerunner of H.P.
> Blavatsky and the modern theosophical movement. Emerson's system of
> thought, as presented through his prose and poetry
> can be correlated to theosophical concepts presented later by
> Blavatsky.
> Following his talk, Bill will facilitate a *group discussion *of
> these concepts.
> Everyone's participation in this discussion is desirable.
> If possible, please read through the two articles available at
> and
> prior to the presentation.
> Bill Meredith is an independent student of theosophy. He is a
> retired military officer with numerous awards and personal
> decorations. Meredith earned an MS in Educational Leadership from
> Troy State University after graduating with Highest Honor from
> Auburn University with a BA in English and a double minor in
> philosophy. He resides in Bainbridge, Georgia where he is active in
> child welfare issues.
> How to join the Theosophy Virtual Lodge
> 1- Download paltalk for free at:
> 2 - On the right side of the paltalk window click on Rooms
> 3 - Choose the category "Religion and Theology" - sub-
> category "Metaphysical" -
> room "Theosophy Virtual Lodge"
> 4 - Be sure to connect a microphone to your computer so you can
> participate
> in the audio discussion. And also be sure to have your computer
> speakers on.
> That's all you need to do in order to join us.

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