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RE: [bn-study] Jesus

Jun 14, 2006 07:20 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Wednesday, June 14, 2006




Thanks Steve - all good wishes,






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     It is interesting that there are still questions about Jesus. We are so
inflicted with the myth of Christianity that (1) it seems endemic to the
elemental natures of our incarnations that we accept the existence of Jesus,
as the church presents it to such an extent, that we tend to need some solid
Theosophical proof, even though it has been given with intersting
correspondences, as Dallas shows, by HPB. She has done all of the "footwork"
so that students might know the philosphical underpinnings of the myth
surrounding the existence of this incarnation so thoroughly ingrained into
our Western lives. And she has done it, not to pander to our weaknessess but
to enrich our philosophical study, as she has regarding Krishna, Buddha,
Zoraster, Psong Ka Pa, etc. etc.
   (2)To me it seems time that would be students of the Wisdom Religion put
their new intuitions to work and attack with relish the existing literature,
not to verify the nagging doubts that they might be giving up their
"darling" myth if they accept Theosophy, but to verify that there must be
exemplars and messengers of the great Lodge of Mahatmas through out history,
called by what ever name (which name is usually the mission in code), and
that to understand that to accept Theosophical thought on this issue, is to
accept all of these messengers as equal torch bearers of the Ancient Wisdom
Religion, therefore putting them all in our hearts. This will have the
effect of allowing us to move on, free of the anchors of our local worship.
It will level the "playing field" regarding the existence of the messengers
and their message-leaving each as models for each of us to exemplify in our
lives, not to worship.




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