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Daniel's "Important Questions"

Jun 08, 2006 02:44 PM
by carlosaveline


Thanks for your questions , which I take to be real one and not merely rhetoric.  

Here is the answer, which addresses you in the third person. 


Daniel knows, as many people do, that the SPR never made any formal, corporate accusations against HPB. 

Therefore, as a corporation, the SPR could never FORMALLY abandon those informal charges.

As the SPR's condemnation of HPB was indirect though substancial, so the SPR had to drop all its charges also in an indirect way. That was done in a most clear and substancial manner, in 1986. This is well known. 

The issue is that --completely ignoring the historical events of 1986 -- John Algeo and Daniel Caldwell have been circulating the same old charges, as if they had not been proven false and dropped by the very SPR. 

Walter Carrithers and Vernon Harrison helped prove that the SPR charges against HPB were fictitious. 

Daniel Caldwel and John Algeo seem to be working in the opposite direction.

With all due respect for science, I ask: what do independent Historians do, when they KNOW that any given statement is false? 

They drop it . Or they will study it as a piece of fiction and forgery; a forgery for a bribe; or a forgery for a political purpose, and so on. 

There must be, no doubt, political reasons for keeping the circulation of accusations against the theosophical movement even AFTER they were admitted as FALSE by the very institution which made them in the first place. 

After Gregory Tillett's well-documented Biography of Charles W. Leadbeater, published in the early 1980s, the Adyar ritualistic power-structure -- entirely created on the foundations of Leadbeater's clairvoyant fancies -- would have to be abandoned. Their total lack of legitimacy is impossible to hide.

One way of preventing people from re-discovering HPB and the Masters' teachings and going beyond pseudo-masonry and other rituals, would be to create a false image of HPB as someone located at the same moral level as Leadbeater. 

The problem is -- that it is an obvious blow to the rest of the movement as well. 

At the occult level, everything is linked. Besides, perhaps 70 or 80 per cent of theosophists the world over are linked to the Adyar TS. 

So describing HPB as a person morally situated at the level ofC. W. Leadbeater is not only a false thing to say in itself. It is also a form to cause serious harm to the movement as a whole. 

Ms. Radha Burnier, president of the Adyar T.S. since 1980, does NOT support such an attempt. This is a significant positive fact. Ms. Burnier does NOT share the line of action followed by her own vice-president, Mr. John Algeo 
-- not to mention Daniel Caldwell. 

Ms. Burnier has respect for the facts and facts show that HPB was a decent person. She was an honest and courageous woman. She had a noble heart. 

True -- every western Sage who challenged Status Quo and threatened organized colletive ignorance -- since Pythagoras, Socrates and Seneca, and including St. Germain, Giordano Bruno and Alessandro Cagliostro -- has been persecuted; often put to death. 

Thousands were tortured and killed in the last fifteen centuries. 

Things are improving, though, and in the case of HPB the SPR had the merit of making a frank and public self-criticism, after only one hundred years. 

The patient work of a few dedicated independent researchers paved the way for that. 

If we look at the facts, we can see that those who are now using the same old slanders to morally discredit Theosophy and the theosophical movement are working AGAINST the tide of events.

Leslie Price, Michael Gomes, Jean Overton Fuller, Radha Burnier and others have clearly STAYED AWAY FROM from this ambiguous but insistent policy of circulating libels as if they could be "probably true".

Readers in different countries and continents are reacting against this adoption of proven falsehoods. 

A volume with the "Authentic Letters of H.P.B." is now under preparation. Funds for that were easily made available thanks to generous offers coming from different quarters. There are other positive signs. Inside and outside the Adyar Theosophical Society, more and more people are getting conscious about the importance of Ethics, and getting ready to defend the facts with regard to the honest, truthful life of HPB. 

One can only hope that John Algeo and Daniel Caldwell will re-think the whole issue and finally accept the central fact that HPB was a brave soul; that she had a pure heart; and that she was a Sage of humanity. 

We are the ones to benefit from knowing that and acting accordingly.


Daniel, I sincerely hope this clarification can help you! 

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline


Data:Thu, 08 Jun 2006 15:27:21 -0000

Assunto:Theos-World Important Questions and Their Answers

> Carlos, 
> After reading your emails for
> yesterday and today posted on Solovyoff, 
> what are you suggesting or advising
> students of Theosophy/Blavatsky to do in
> regards to Solovyoff's book and testimony?
> Are you saying that they should NOT read
> the material? That they should simply ignore it?
> And what should "real" scholars do? Should they totally
> disregard ALL the material in Solovyoff's book??
> Are you suggesting that a "real" scholar would
> never use any material from Solovyoff?
> I am starting to work on a possible new edition of
> Would you advise me to delete or remove from the 
> new edition Solovyoff's positive testimony of 1884 concerning
> his encounter with the Mahatma Morya?
> As I have reported before, both H.P. Blavatsky 
> and Mahatma Morya (in a note to Olcott) confirmed
> the reality of this encounter.
> If you advise me to remove his testimony, what are
> your specific reasons for excluding his account
> which testifies to the VALIDITY of Theosophical phenomena?
> Daniel
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