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Re: Re[4]: Theos-World Isis Unveiled, Vol I - PREFACE

Jun 08, 2006 10:50 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Yes, of course, you can say it, because neither a chela, an adept or a master is perfect.
HPB admitted it openly when she elsewhere in The Secret Doctrine wrote that it would need an Avatara to write a book without mistakes and even then there found probably mistakes to be found.
Also the mistakes of Henry Oclott editing and printer errors must be considered.

One foolish mistake is in the third sentence of "Isis" to found, where HPB (?) writes that the Divine Essence emanates from ADAM (anthropos), while in The Mahatma Letters we find that it is the other way round.
Who made the mistake?
the printer?
someone else?


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Then, Can I surely say that there are errors in "Isis Unveiled"
in consequence of the HPB's personal development influence?




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