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Re: Theos-World ABC Chakra Field Model of Universal Origin confirmed

Jun 07, 2006 08:57 PM
by leonmaurer

Hi Cass,

Yes, it is a diversion.   

Unfortunately, without considering consciousness as being intimately linked 
to all matter fields, scientists still see the universe through the dark filter 
of their materialist biases. 

Consequently, their speculations can only come close but can never comprehend 
the true reality... And realize that all life and intelligence, comes 
directly out of the universal mind itself... That, with infinite patience, along with 
occasional adjustments of the trim tabs through the guidance of its higher 
conscious individualities (Dhyan Chohans), allows the involutional and 
evolutionary processes to run their course, so as to ultimately achieve its replication 
("as above, so below") in each of us.   Who, individually, have to experience 
and learn enough to return home, so to speak.   While, along the way, adding 
tiny bits to the universal mind's overall store of accumulated experiential 
knowledge and wisdom. 

In this model, all the other universes simply come and go at their own cyclic 
rate of manifestation and collapse as this universe -- but on different 
triune polar directions of the Absolute zero-point spinergy's infinite axes.  Thus, 
they are all separated from each other on different angular aspects of space, 
Like our image in a mirror is separated from us.   Or like the encoded image 
in any part of a crystal hologram is separated from the encoded image in any 
other part -- each detectable only by a coherent light ray at a particular 
angle of projection.   

Therefore, as I see it, the physicist's and cosmologist's "Dark matter" is 
nothing more than the mirrored holographic image of the "Light matter" we 
experience in our sidereal universe...   Since it is, in its initial triune monadic 
field of primal force, the initial manifestation of the opposite, negative or 
repulsive force of gravity -- that, as HPB pointed out, must be a dual force 
(of opposite spinergy according to ABC.)   

This dark Monad, involves and evolves identically with its opposite Monad of 
positive or "Light" energy.   It's repulsive gravity, however, is the 
impelling force that continues to accelerate our Light universe's expansion until all 
phenomenal matter decays and ultimately returns to pure Spirit along with its 
sleeping noumena in the Spinergy of the primal zero-point singularity. (In 
pralaya, waiting to awaken again at the "Big Bang" beginning of the next 
manvantaric cycle.) 

Thus, alll we can experience of this dark matter is its repulsive gravity -- 
since it's actual forms are invisible to us, due to their existence on another 
angle in the "diamond heart" (uniomniform) crystal of primal space.   
Possibly, this what the Egyptians spoke of as the underworld or "halls of Amenti."   
And in theosophy, it's probably where fallen spirits or lost souls end up, or 
where the "elementaries" live. 

Warm regards,


In a message dated 6/7/06 2:33:37 AM, writes:

> Hello Leon,
>   Found this at Physorg and thought it might prove a little diversion for 
> you.
>   Regards
>   Cass
>   In modern times, physicists such as Alexander Vilenkin (Tufts University) 
> have begun to suggest that our universe is only one of many. They envision an 
> eternally expanding field of fundamental energy, effervescent with an i
> nfinity of universes. Each one has a Big Bang of its own, popping into existence 
> wherever quantum fluctuations cool the fundamental field sufficiently. If 
> there are an infinite number of universes, then it is certainly much less 
> surprising that some would be habitable. Our particular combination of cosmological 
> parameters, however, remains a highly improbable event in its own right.
>   Over the past five years or so, scientists have finally converged on a 
> model of the universe that explains (or at least permits) all of its 
> characteristics. The new cosmological model has one very surprising feature, however, 
> which is supported by several robust and unrelated observations. In addition to 
> matter and radiation, it seems that the vacuum of space is filled with a 
> mysterious â??dark energyâ?? that pushes the universe apart. While the dark energy 
> helps us explain a great many things, it also resurrects an old problem once 
> thought buriedâ??the idea that our universe is the product of a highly unlikely 
> cosmic coincidence.

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