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ABC Chakra Field Model of Universal Origin confirmed

Jun 06, 2006 10:52 PM
by leonmaurer

For your interest...

While researching the ABC field theory of cosmogenesis, I noticed the 
similarity of the shapes of the primal triune monad (i.e. initial field radiated from 
the primal zero-point spinergy or singularity) with the Arabic numerals.   

Like the Solomon seal of the dual interlaced triangles, that symbolically are 
representative of the "diamond heart" geometry of the octahedron shape 
inscribed in a spherical field -- (when transparently viewed from the perpendicular 
center of one upward facing triangle in front with the reverse downward facing 
triangle shape behind it) -- this use of the tai-chi shape as the basis of 
the Arabic numerals from one to ten, indicates that the ancient Persians (pre 
Islamic Zoroastrians) knew of this monadic configuration of the primal fields 
within fields (related to the Hindu "wheels within wheels") -- as did both the 
Hebrew and Egyptian Kabbalists.   Note that the swastika shape (left or right 
turning) used in Brahman and American Indian symbology represents, when viewed 
from any apex, any of the triple base perimeters of the "diamond heart" when 
connected by crossed llnes to its center point. This also symbolizes the spin 
of the surrounding fields on three axes.

To visualize and better comprehend these relationships as well as the 
formation of these fractally involved fields and their analogous geometric forms ... 
See the web sites and illustrations below:

Best wishes,


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