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Carlos & Solovyov's Testimony about Master Morya: Important Facts

Jun 06, 2006 03:25 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Carlos & Solovyov's Testimony about Master Morya: Important Facts 

V. S. Solovyov's Testimony concerning the Master Morya
can be read at:

This text was written by Solovyov BEFORE he turned against

The original of this narrative was written by Solovyov on October 1,
1884. See the original text in French published as one of the
appendices to the First SPR Report of 1884. [This is NOT the later
1885 "Hodgson Report".]

Here is a link to the 1884 text:

It was this text that Beatrice Hastings translated in her
SOLOVYOFF'S FRAUD and that I quoted.

Now notice what Solovyov wrote:

"That same evening, Mr. Olcott found in his pocket a little note,
that all the Theosophists said was in the handwriting of M:

'Certainly I was there, but who can open the eyes of him who will
not see.' "

At the BOTTOM of the above quoted appendice, one will find several
comments added by the 1884 SPR committee.

One of the comments reads in part:

"One of the Committee [probably Mr. F.W.H. Myers] HAS SEEN the
letter found in Colonel Olcott's pocket, which is in the M.
handwriting." caps added.

Therefore here we have confirming evidence. That is, the letter in
Morya's handwriting, etc.

One might conclude that the Master Morya wrote said letter in which
he confirmed that he had been in Solovyov's room and had appeared to

And concerning the experiences of Miss de Glinka,

[see the above Solovyov narrative at:

for references to her. ]

the 1884 S.P.R. committee added:

"The lady . . . recounted her experience to one of us; but, for
reasons which we comprehend and respect, she does not wish to commit
it to paper."

Miss de Glinka testified that the Master had also appeared to her
the same night.

And in addition, one should keep in mind that HPB kept corresponding
with Solovyov and was on good terms with him for months if not up to
a year AFTER he wrote this testimony.

Therefore, when Carlos writes about "the lies coming from Soloviof",
does he include the above account by Solovyov among the "lies"?

Is this testimony an example of "fraudulent texts"?

Is this testimony NOT "authentic"??

If Carlos is saying this, I wish he would explain his reasoning.

I would really like to understand HIS REASONING, HIS THINKING and
I'm sure a few other readers might like to understand how he came to
this conclusion.

Again I am referring to the SPECIFIC text written by Solovyov posted


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