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The first bomb-shell from the Dugpa world came from America......

Jun 04, 2006 10:18 AM
by danielhcaldwell

In 1886, H.P. Blavatsky gives the following estimation of Mrs.
Holloway in a letter to A.P. Sinnett:

"...The first bomb-shell from the Dugpa world came from America; you
welcomed and warmed it in your own breast. . . . The Dugpa element
triumphed fully at one time -- why? because you believed in one
[Laura Holloway] who was sent by the opposing powers for the
destruction of the [Theosophical] Society and permitted to act as
she and others did by the 'higher powers,' as you call them, whose
duty it was not to interfere in the great probation save at the last
moment. To this day you are unable to say what was true, what
false...." The Mahatma Letters, No. 141.

But it should also be noted that Mr. Judge also fell
into this trap:  

That is, of believing in Mrs. Holloway.

One might even say that Judge also welcomed and warmed it in
his breast.....

All that was suggested in the previous post is that Judge's 
association with Mrs. Holloway may have created a bad situation for 

Pay special attention to what the Master writes about
Mrs. Holloway's condition: 

"Whether you sit for friends in America or London, or elsewhere as
medium ? though you now hate the word ? or seeress, or
revelator, since you have scarcely learned the elements of self-
control, in psychism, you must suffer bad consequences. You draw to 
yourself the nearest and strongest influences ? often evil ? and 
absorb them, and are psychically stifled or narcotised by them. The 
airs become peopled with resuscitated phantoms...."

"She labors under the very kind but erroneous & injurious notion
that since she has done it (consoling the elementaries) ALL HER
LIFE ? she cannot be doing wrong in continuing to do so.  Fatal
error!  She has, she does wrong, a most serious one to herself:  for
she has thereby been for years systematically destroying her health.
This relationship during the course of which the unclean shells have
been constantly absorbing a part of her vitality brought her to
become the highly nervous & sickly sensitive.  The more they are
encouraged the more serious it comes for her, & they may even kill
her if she heeds us not."

Could this have lead to Mr. Judge's condition which he
described as follows:

"?For several days, until yesterday, I have had the most awful
blues that ever were. So bad indeed that H. P. B. was very much 
worried. It seemed impossible to stave them off, and as they were 
accompanied with an uncontrollable desire to weep, I was in a bad 

"She said I had got into my past current, and also that in going

All of this may have led Mr. Judge to doubt HPB as can be seen
in his letters to Hartmann and HPB which I have quoted previously.

Now none of the above is suggesting that he became a "failed

But all of the above does give us a glimpse into some of the
difficulties that he had to work against and overcome.


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