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Jun 04, 2006 10:29 AM
by carlosaveline


Dear Friends, 

Indeed Mr. Robert Crosbie?s texts should not be underestimated by students of the esoteric philosophy. 
I have with me the 1945 edition of Crosbie?s thought-provoking book "The Friendly Philosopher", published for the first time in 1934 and which reproduces texts from his letters and talks. 
There ? at the letter one, page five ? we see some deep perceptions as to the way the Mahatmas have worked, since 1897-1900, with regard to those who are aspirants to learning from Them. But that is not all that there is in that page. 
It is relatively well-known, by now, that the Adyar/Wheaton Theosophical Publishing House (TPH) published in 2004 a book arranged and edited by Mr. John Algeo with "Letters of H. P. Blavatsky".  Twenty per cent of those "letters" are false and libellous documents, and most of them were  fabricated by Mr. Solovyov against HPB. 
In the same page five of "The Friendly Philosopher", a commentary made by Mr. Crosbie at the beginning of the 20 th century foresees, nearly   onde hundred years in advance, the kind of situation created in 2004 by the TRheosolphical Publisdhing House, Adyar:  
"Those who belittle Judge", wrote Crosbie, "will be found belittling H.P.B." 
It is worthwhile to read once again and to calmly meditate upon the two complete paragraphs:
"Into each fragment of the original T.S., there have entered many attracted by the philosophy. The right or wrong of the splits does not affect them. In each fragment there must be those who are true and good disciples of Masters. As far as my knowledge goes, I would say that Masters are working in many ways, and through many organizations as well as with individuals. There are no barriers to Their assistance, except such as personalities impose upon themselves. Their work is universal: let our view be as much in that direction as possible. So shall we best serve and know."
And Robert Crosbie continues: 
"H.P.B. was the Messenger from the Great Lodge to the western world. William Q. Judge was a co-founder and co-worker with H.P.B. from the beginning. It is well to remember that H.P.B. and W.Q.J. were not accorded the positions They held through any authority, but through recognition of Their knowledge and power. Those who belittle Judge will be found belittling H.P.B. An ancient saying has it, ?Accursed by karmic action will find himself he, who spits back in the face of his Teacher?. Not an elegant saying, perhaps, to our ideas, but it conveys a fact of most grave import in occultism. ?By their fruits ye shall know them?." 

Best regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline

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