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Re: Theos-World Dictionary of the Sacred Language of All Scriptures & Myths

Jun 04, 2006 00:09 AM
by Cass Silva

Thanks for this Daniel.  I have referenced it many times on TT, and find it valuable in being able to give a synopsis of symbolic interpretation.

danielhcaldwell <> wrote: Dictionary of the Sacred Language of All Scriptures and Myths
by G. A. Gaskell

This classic exposition of scripture exegesis gives fuller 
knowledge of man's inner nature and the purpose of 
his life on earth. 

It takes the form of a dictionary because of the discovery 
forecasted by orientalist Max Muller of a metaphorical language 
underlying all sacred scriptures of the world. 

The terms of this language will reveal themselves to 
students of the scriptures who follow the line of thought 
of this dictionary. 

Part 1 or Volume 1, 428 pages

Part 2 or Volume 2, 440 pages


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