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Re: Theos-World Carlos Aveline :|: Leon Maurer

Jun 03, 2006 10:42 PM
by leonmaurer

Dear Carlos P,

I appreciate your comments and your acceptance of my response to your initial 

My intention was only to point out to a new student, how better to understand 
the true nature of theosophy, and how it related to the secret Doctrine and 
to H. P. Blavatsky, as the original messenger who brought these ancient and 
unchanging teachings of the fundamental truths of universal existence and 
evolution, as well as its moral imperatives, to the West.

Please don't think that you are responsible for the problems between Carlos 
Aveline and myself -- which started long before you came into this forum and 
was triggered in this last case (after lying dormant for many months) by his 
projective criticisms of my motives after mistakenly misreading and 
misinterpreting my letter to you as if it were directed to him personally.   

It's understandable how this happened, due to the confusion of your first 
names -- since he is particularly touchy of perceived criticism based on the 
personal attacks on others he instigated here in the past -- which I first called 
him down on many months ago, and was recently exposed by the   owner/monitor 
of this mostly open and unmoderated forum. 

I'm sorry you got caught in the middle of all this, but I accept your 
attempts to moderate our differences, and hopefully, Carlos A. will acknowledge his 
wrong interpretation of my letter to you, and also cease and desist writing to 
me on this subject, with its implied criticisms that are simply a projection 
of his own actions in the past, that is now being reflected and continued in 
the present.

Normally, I don't respond to any letters unless my name is in the subject 
line, the subject refers to my own initiated thread, contains wrong views or 
questions about theosophy I can answer, or involves that particular aspect of 
theosophical science and metaphysics that I am interested in researching and 
writing about and discussing on several scientific and theosophical forums for 
purposes of my book in progress.   

In this present case, my intent was to point out his mistake to him as well 
as his hypocrisy of accusing me of something that he has been disturbing this 
forum by doing the same thing himself in the past.   Unfortunately, he refused 
to read my response letter to his faulty accusations, and just continued to 
provoke my attention with childish personal responses to avoid facing his own 
faults -- that he continues to accuse me of (along with anyone else who might 
disagree with his opinions or his actions).

Hopefully, this will stop -- since my last letter is all I have to say to him 
-- unless Sr. Carlos A. continues to use my name and its implications in the 
subject of his letters to this group.

In the meantime, I hope we can continue discussing questions of theosophical 
metaphysics and its implications both scientifically and morally, based on its 
merits only, and without resort to personal considerations -- including such 
negative references to its original teachers and their messengers, (along with 
later pseudo theosophists) that have nothing to do with their teachings.    

Best wishes,


In a message dated 6/3/06 11:27:52 AM, writes:

> Gmail.COM, Carlos Paterson, BR
> -> []
>     (...)
>      Dear Friends,
>      It  seems  to be occurring a conflict between Sirs Carlos Aveline
>      and  Leon  Maurer and I am sincerely worried about it, in a sense
>      that  if  it was or not gone off by me. I say it considering that
>      all  this  not  appreciative  context had been appeared after the
>      response send by Sr. Leon Maurer (Wed May 31, 2006 2:16 am ) to a
>      past e-mail posted by me called: "THEOSOPHY - Is it possible?".
>      I  am  a  newcomer  in THEOS-TALK and, in the deep of my heart, I
>      would  not  like  to  be  the inception of any kind of aggressive
>      disputes,  particularly personal ones. So, I invite you, Friends,
>      to  stop  all  this  personal  attacks that, certainly, it is not
>      salubrious  for anyone on this forum, and I am sure that you both
>      (sincere Theosophists) have the spiritual grandeur to perceive it
>      and  initialize  a  new  moment .
>      Let's  establish  this  new  moment  starting  a constructive and
>      respectful  debate  about  the topics raised by me and by the Sr.
>      Leon Mauer - after his direct and genuine responses to my e-mail.
>      I  have  not  answered  the  e-mail of the Sr. Leon Mauer for the
>      simple  reason  that  it  seem  to  has  initialized the conflict
>      already mentioned, so I opted to forget it. What, in fact, I have
>      done  was  to  publish  an e-mail called "Theosophy - Evolutional
>      Possibilities" (May 31, 2006), clarifying my personal and general
>      point of view.
>      I  stick here my white flag as a symbol of respect and peace that
>      doubtlessly  can and must exist between us, specially between Sr.
>      Leon  Mauer  and  Carlos  Aveline,  Theosophists  that surely are
>      qualified  to  debate  any  theosophical matters and help persons
>      like me: someone that has never read the Secret Doctrine, that is
>      not a customary book, for conceiving it as a work not to be read,
>      but consulted.
>      Finally, my sincerely thanks to Sr. Leon Maurer for donating this
>      time  and  good  intention to me, commenting my e-mail and to Sr.
>      Carlos Aveline for all the theosophical contributions that he has
>      given to me.
>      Peace
>     (...)  
> --

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