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OUR RESPONSIBILITY & social responsibility

Jun 02, 2006 11:28 AM
by christinaleestemaker

By this i have seen earlier the message about any responsibility and 
that is nothing new under the sun.
Placed before in Talk messages but not easy to find back in so many 
numbers of messages,; so now I take this from Anands net messages.
and place this again. - Online Books on Theosophy ]

"There then is the worth of the ordinary life, and our man of the 
world has
begun to realise that nut in seeking pleasure, wealth, and honour 
for himself
can permanent joy be found; but in the service of his fellow-men, in 
the helping
of the miserable, the teaching of the ignorant, the uplifting of the 
the lightening of the sorrow of the poor. And many there are among 
you today who
are well off and comfortable, whose hearts are heavy for the sorrow 
of the
world, and who cannot rest in your comfort, in your luxury, while 
others are
starving, miserable, crushed under the burden of life. Oh! the 
waking of the
social conscience amongst us, the recognition of social duty, of 
responsi­bility, is the noblest sign of the evolution of man, a proof 
of the
coming of a new Race that shall have sympathy instead of 
co-operation instead of competition, as its rule in the outer life 
of man. And
as that spreads and grows, more and more men of the world will tread 
these early
steps. But it must be strenuous: not the passing feeling of 
compassion that
makes you out of your superfluity give what you never miss to some 
good cause or
some unhappy family; not the throwing aside of some luxuries you 
have in order
that others may have more of the necessaries of life. Much more than 
that is
demanded from you, O you who would tread towards the entrance to the 
Path. You
must give yourself, and not only what you possess - and in that 
there is an
immensity of difference. You must feel the sorrow of others as you 
feel your own
pain; you must feel the grief of others as you feel the piercing of 
your own
heart. It must come to you as an intolerable goad to action, that 
presses you
along the Way of Service, which you cannot deny nor resist. You find 
amongst you like that, people who cannot rest. It is not making 
sacrifices. That
lies behind them. The things the world calls sacrifices are their 
delights; they
joy to give themselves; it is only a sacrifice in the sense that the
Life­-Spirit is ever flowing out to others; but that is joy and not 
delight and not pain, involuntary, almost a necessity of life. And 
where you see
that passion of Service, where you see that willingness to give 
everything up
that others may be happier, where you see people ever thinking what 
they can do
to help, whom they can find to serve, who there is near them to whom 
they can
render help - it may be within the circle of the family or in the 
larger circle
of public life, but it must be the constant resolute endeavour to 
everything away that others may profit - there you have made 
manifest the inner
Spirit, who only lives to pour himself out, and finds his 
satisfaction in the
Service of man."

Complete book can be read at

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<christinaleestemaker@...> wrote:
> -Carlos A,
> Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood are the answer.
> To what they are the answer?
> christina
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> >
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > Dear Friends,
> > 
> > Do theosophists have anything to do with the present crisis of 
> human civilization? 
> > 
> >  In  this hectic beginning of the 21st century, sincere 
> theosophists may ask themselves what is their responsibility with 
> regard to the bulk of  human karma.  
> > 
> > As students of esoteric philosophy, they are the  outer 
> of a sacred wisdom both ancient and modern.  It is supposed that 
> they do not study it solely for their own individual benefit ?  
> for,  if they do so, failure is unavoidable from the start.  In 
> order to understand  sacred wisdom,  your goal must be benefitting 
> mankind, and even this is not enough. HPB also taught that 
> philosophical knowledge must be a living and creative process 
> in daily life. You can't achieve great wisdom simply by repeating 
> ideas contained in the best books available.  
> > But if we have some degree of   true altruism and a willingness 
> act ?  we may be entitled  to face, in these days, an 
> question: 
> > "As our civilization confronts great and growing dangers and 
> challenges of various kinds, in what sense should we feel 
> responsible for its future? What is our actual  
> > To answer such a question is no simple task.  Yet there  is at 
> least one thing about which we can be sure: crises and 
> are all around us. Each evening  they are in the news.  They are  
> presented to us as part of  our favourite TV shows. All over 
> Europe, Asia and the Americas,  floods,  forest fires, droughts, 
> hurricanes and other similar events seem to prepare a global 
> climatic change which can have drastic effects over the fate of 
> civilization.   These hundreds of climatic events are shown by the 
> media as if they were merely  isolated facts,  now happening by 
> strange sort of  coincidence.  
> > This is not true.    
> > It is also not a coincidence that the signs of ethical and 
> decay in our civilization ?  including poverty, war and terrorist 
> attacks  ?  run in parallel to deforestation, environmental  
> pollution and climatic changes.  Spirit and matter evolve 
> Each time in History when man's greed  made him destroy  his 
> environment, he himself had to pay the price for it.  
> > 
> > Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood are the answer. 
> > 
> > 
> > Best regards,   Carlos  Cardoso Aveline  
> > 
> > 
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