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Jun 02, 2006 11:23 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Friday, June 02, 2006

	re: Civilizations,  Cycles,  Karma

Dear Friends:

Mr. Judge offered this to be considered:  



LADIES and gentlemen: This is our last meeting; it is the last impulse of
the Cycle which we began when we opened our sessions at this Parliament. All
the other bodies which have met in this building have been also starting
cycles just as we have been. 

Now, a great many people know what the word "cycle" means, and a great many
do not. There are no doubt in Chicago many men who think that a cycle is a
machine to be ridden; but the word that I am dealing with is not that. I am
dealing with a word which means a return, a ring. It is a very old term,
used in the far past. In our civilization it is applied to a doctrine which
is not very well understood, but which is accepted by a great many
scientific men, a great many religious men, and by a great many thinking

The theory is, as held by the ancient Egyptians, that there is a cycle, a
law of cycles which governs humanity, governs the earth, governs all that is
in the universe. You may have heard Brother Chakravarti say the Hindus are
still teaching that there is a great cycle which begins when the Unknown
breathes forth the whole universe, and ends when it is turned in again into
itself. That is the great cycle.

In the Egyptian monuments, papyri, and other records the cycles are spoken
of. They held, and the ancient Chinese also held, that a great cycle governs
the earth, called the sidereal cycle because it related to the stars. The
work was so large that it had to be measured by the stars, and that cycle is
25,800 and odd years long. They claim to have measured this enormous cycle. 

The Egyptians gave evidence they had measured it also and had measured many
others, so that in these ancient records, looking at the question of cycles,
we have a hint that man has been living on the earth, has been civilized and
uncivilized for more years than we have been taught to believe. 

The ancient Theosophists have always held that civilization with humanity
went around the earth in cycles, in rings, returning again and again upon
itself, but that at each turn of the cycle, on the point of return it was
higher than before. This law of cycles is held in Theosophical doctrine to
be the most important of all, because it is at the bottom of all. It is a
part of the law of that unknown being who is the universe, that there shall
be a periodical coming from and a periodical returning again upon itself.

Now, that the law of cycles does prevail in the world must be very evident
if you will reflect for a few moments. The first cycle I would draw your
attention to is the daily cycle, when the sun rises in the morning and sets
at night, returning again next morning, you following the sun, rising in the
morning and at night going to sleep again, at night almost appearing dead,
but the next morning awaking to life once more. That is the first cycle. You
can see at once that there are therefore in a mans life just as many cycles
of that kind as there are days in his life. The next is the monthly cycle,
when the moon, changing every 28 days, marks the month. We have months
running to more days, but that is only for convenience, to avoid change in
the year. The moon gives the month and marks the monthly cycle.

The next is the yearly cycle. The great luminary, the great mover of all,
returns again to a point from whence he started. The next great cycle to
which I would draw your attention, now we have come to the sun--it is held
by science and is provable I think by other arguments the next cycle is that
the sun, while stationary to us, is in fact moving through space in an
enormous orbit which we can not measure. As he moves he draws the earth and
the planets as they wheel about him. We may say, then, this is another great

It appears reasonable that, as the sun is moving through that great cycle,
he must draw the earth into spaces and places and points in space where the
earth has never been before, and that it must happen that the earth shall
come now and then into some place where the conditions are different and
that it may be changed in a moment, as it were, for to the eye of the soul a
thousand years are but a moment, when everything will be different. That is
one aspect of cyclic doctrine, that the sun is drawing the earth in a great
orbit of his own and is causing the earth to be changed in its nature by
reason of the new atomic spaces into which it is taken.

We also hold that the earth is governed by cyclic law throughout the century
as in a moment. The beings upon it are never in the same state. So nations,
races, civilizations, communities are all governed in the same way and moved
by the same law. This law of cycles is the law of reincarnation that we were
speaking of today: that is, that a man comes into the world and lives a day,
his life is as a day; he dies out of it and goes to sleep, elsewhere waking;
then he sleeps there to wake again the next great day; after a period of
rest, he again enters life; that is his cycle. 

We hold in Theosophical philosophy it has been proven by the Adepts by
experiment that men in general awake from this period of rest after 1,500
years. So we point in history to an historical cycle of 1,500 years, after
which old ideas return. And if you will go back in the history of the world
you will find civilization repeating itself every 1,500 years, more or less
like what it was before. That is to say, go back 1,500 years from now and
you will find coming out here now the Theosophists, the philosophers, the
various thinkers, the inventors of 1,500 years ago. 

And going further back still, we hold that those ancient Egyptians who made
such enormous pyramids and who had a civilization we cannot understand, at
that dim period when they burst on the horizon of humanity to fall again,
have had their cycle of rest and are reincarnating again even in America. So
we think, some of us, that the American people of the new generation are a
reincarnation of the ancient Egyptians, who are coming back and bringing
forth in this civilization all the wonderful ideas which the Egyptians held.
And that is one reason why this country is destined to be a great one,
because the ancients are coming back, they are here, and you are very
foolish if you refuse to consider yourselves so great. We are willing you
should consider yourselves so great, and not think you are born mean,
miserable creatures.

The next cycle I would draw your attention to is that of civilizations. We
know that civilizations have been here, and they are gone. There is no
bridge between many of these. If heredity, as some people claim, explains
everything, how is it not explained why the Egyptians left no string to
connect them with the present? There is nothing left of them but the Copts,
who are poor miserable slaves. The Egyptians, as a material race, are wiped
out, and it is so because it is according to the law of cycles and according
to the law of nature that the physical embodiment of the Egyptians had to be
wiped out. But their souls could not go out of existence, and so we find
their civilization and other civilizations disappearing, civilizations such
as the ancient civilization of Babylon, and all those old civilizations in
that part of the East which were just as strange and wonderful as any other.

And this civilization of ours has come up instead of going down, but it is
simply repeating the experience of the past on a higher level. It is better
in potentiality than that which has been before. Under the cyclic law it
will rise higher and higher, and when its time comes it will die out like
the rest.

Also religions have had their cycles. The Christian religion has had its
cycle. It began in the first year of the Christian era and was a very
different thing then from what it is now. If you examine the records of
Christianity itself you will see that the early fathers and teachers taught
differently in the beginning from that which the priests of today are
teaching now. Similarly you will find that Brahminism has had its cycle.
Every religion rises and falls with the progress of human thought, because
cyclic law governs every man, and thus every religion which man has.

So it is also with diseases. Is it not true that fevers are governed by a
law of recurrence in time; some have three days, some four days, nine days,
fifteen days, three years and so on? No physician can say why it is so; they
only know that it is a fact. So in every direction the law of cycles is
found to govern. It is all according to the great inherent law of the
periodical ebb and flow, the Great Day and Night of Nature. 

The tides in Ocean rise and fall; similarly in the great Ocean of Nature
there is a constant ebb and flow, a mightier tide which carries all with it.
The only thing that remains unshaken, immovable, never turning is the Spirit
itself. That, as St. James said--and he doubtless was himself a wise
Theosophist--is without variableness and hath no shadow of turning.
Now, this great law of periodical return pertains also to every individual
man in his daily life and thought. 

Every idea that you have, every thought, affects your brain and mind by its
impression. That begins the cycle. It may seem to leave your mind,
apparently it goes out, but it returns again under the same cyclic law in
some form either better or worse, and wakes up once more the old impression.
Even the very feelings that you have of sorrow or gladness will return in
time, more or less according to your disposition, but inevitably in their
cycle. This is a law it would do good for every one to remember, especially
those who have variations of joy and sorrow, of exaltation and depression.
If when depressed you would recollect the law and act upon it by voluntarily
creating another cycle of exaltation, on its returning again with the
companion cycle of lower feeling it would in no long time destroy the
depressing cycle and raise you to higher places of happiness and peace. 

It applies again in matters of study where we use the intellectual organs
only. When a person begins the study of a difficult subject or one more
grave than usual, there is a difficulty in keeping the mind upon it; the
mind wanders; it is disturbed by other and older ideas and impressions. But
by persistency a new cycle is established, which, being kept rolling, at
last obtains the mastery.

We hold further--and I can only go over this briefly-- that in evolution
itself, considered as a vast inclusive whole, there are cycles, and that
unless there were these turnings and returnings no evolution would be
possible, for evolution is but another word for cyclic law. Reincarnation,
or re-embodiment over and over again, is an expression of this great law and
a necessary part of evolution.

Evolution means a coming forth from something. From out of what does the
evolving universe come? It comes out from what we call the unknown, and we
call it "unknown" simply because we do not know what it is. The unknown does
not mean the non-existent; it simply means that which we do not perceive in
its essence or fulness. It goes forth again and again, always higher and
better; but while it is rolling around at its lower arc it seems to those
down there that it is lower than ever; but it is bound to come up again. And
that is the answer we give to those who ask, What of all those civilizations
that have disappeared, what of all the years that I have forgotten? What
have I been in other lives, I have forgotten them? We simply say, you are
going through your cycle. 

Some day all these years and experiences will return to your recollection as
so much gained. And all the nations of the earth should know this law,
remember it and act upon it, knowing that they will come back and that
others also will come back. Thus they should leave behind something that
will raise the cycle higher and higher, thus they should ever work toward
the perfection which mankind as a whole is striving in fact to procure for
NOTE.--Final address by W.Q.J. at Parliament of Religions, 1893. Other talks
by Mr. Judge on "The Organized Life of the T.S." and "Theosophy in the
Christian Bible" were printed in Pamphlets No. 3 and No. 15.

Some more references may be considered:


...he [Plato] says that long before man built his cities, in the
golden age, there was naught but happiness on earth, for there were no
needs.  Why?  Because Saturn, knowing that man could not rule man,
without injustice filling forthwith the universe through his whims and
vanity, would not allow any mortal to obtain power over his fellow
creatures.  To do this the god used the same means we use ourselves
with regard to our flocks.

We do not place a bullock or a ram over our bullocks and rams, but
give them a leader, a shepherd, i.e., a being of a species quite
different from their own and of a superior nature.  It is just what
Saturn did.  He loved mankind and placed to rule over it no mortal
King or prince but?"Spirits and genii of a divine nature more
excellent than that of man."

It was god, the Logos (the synthesis of the Host) who thus presiding
over the genii, became the first shepherd and leader of men.* When the
world had ceased to be so governed and the gods retired, "ferocious
beasts devoured a portion of mankind." "Left to their own resources
and industry, inventors then appeared among them successively and
discovered fire, wheat, wine; and public gratitude deified them . . .
." ( "De Legibus" I, iv.; in Crit. and in Politic).

And mankind was right, as fire by friction was the first mystery of
nature, the first and chief property of matter that was revealed to

"Fruits and grain, unknown to Earth to that day, were brought by the
'Lords of Wisdom' for the benefit of those they ruled?front other
lokas (spheres). . ." say the Commentaries.  Now:  "The earliest
inventions (?) of mankind are the most wonderful that the race has
ever made. . .  The first use of fire, and the discovery of the
methods by which it can be kindled; the domestication of animals; and,
above all, the processes by which the various cereals were first
developed out of some wild grasses(?)?these are all discoveries with
which, in ingenuity and in importance, no subsequent discoveries may
compare.  They are all unknown to history?all lost in the light of an
EFFULGENT DAWN."  ("Unity of Nature," Argyll.)

This will be doubted and denied in our proud generation. But if it is
asserted that there are no grains and fruits unknown to earth, then we
may remind the reader that wheat has never been found in the wild
state: it is not a product of the earth.  All the other cereals have
been traced to their primogenital forms in various species of wild
grasses, but wheat has hitherto defied the efforts of botanists to
trace it to its origin.

* The Secret Doctrine explains and expounds that which Plato says, for
it teaches that those "inventors" were gods and demi-gods (Devas and
Rishis) who had become?some deliberately, some forced to by
Karma?incarnated in man.


And let us bear in mind, in this connection, how sacred was that
cereal with the Egyptian priests; wheat being placed even with their
mummies, and found thousands of years later in their coffins. 
Remember:?"The servants of Horus glean the wheat in the field of
Aanroo, . . .  wheat seven cubits high." ("Book of the Dead," chap.
xcix.,33; and clvi., 4.)* The reader is referred to Stanza VII., Verse
3, Book I., wherein this verse is explained in another of its
meanings, and also to the "Book of the Dead," chap. cix., v.  4 and 5.
"I am the Queen of these regions," says the Egyptian Isis; "I was the
first to reveal to mortals the mysteries of wheat and corn.  I am she
who rises in the constellation of the dog . . .  (Dog-star) Rejoice, O
Egypt! thou who wert my nurse." (Book i., chap. XIV.)?
Sirius was called the dog-star.  It was the star of Mercury or Budha,
called the great instructor of mankind, before other Buddhas. The book
of the Chinese Y-King, attributes the discovery of agriculture to "the
instruction given to men by celestial genii."

"Woe, woe to the men who know nought, observe nought, nor will they
see. . . .  They are all blind? since they remain ignorant how much
the world is full of various and invisible creatures which crowd even
in the most sacred places" (Zohar, Part I., col. 177.)
	SD II, 373-4



CIVILIZATION(S). See also Atlantis, Continent, Nations

ancient, preceded by others II 334 
antiquity of, (Gould) II 311-12 
Atlantean II 263 
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See also Atlantis, Dvipas, Lands, Lemuria, Root-Races'

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NATION(S). See also Civilizations

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TEACHERS I 159-60. 272-3,

See Adepts, Initiates, Mahatma Letters, Masters

HPB had Sinnett's letters fr I 187 
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See also Age, Chronology, Kalpas, Manvantaras, 
	Root-Races, Rounds, Years, Yugas

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eternal motion is, & spiral II 80 
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languages have their, evolution II 199 
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Buddhists believe in I 635 
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Planetoids, man's influence on II 700
Planet-tower of Nebo II 456
Planisphere(s). See also Dendera Zodiac
Carnac & West Hoadley are II 343


 hope this may help,



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Do theosophists have anything to do with the present crisis of human

 In  this hectic beginning of the 21st century, sincere theosophists may ask
themselves what is their responsibility with regard to the bulk of  human

As students of esoteric philosophy, they are the  outer guardians of a
sacred wisdom both ancient and modern.  It is supposed that they do not
study it solely for their own individual benefit ?  for,  if they do so,
failure is unavoidable from the start.  In order to understand  sacred
wisdom,  your goal must be benefitting mankind, and even this is not enough.
HPB also taught that philosophical knowledge must be a living and creative
process tested in daily life. You can?t achieve great wisdom simply by
repeating ideas contained in the best books available.  

But if we have some degree of true altruism and a willingness to act ?  we
may be entitled  to face, in these days, an uncomfortable question: 

?As our civilization confronts great and growing dangers and challenges of
various kinds, in what sense should we feel responsible for its future? What
is our actual  responsibility??    
To answer such a question is no simple task.  Yet there  is at least one
thing about which we can be sure: crises and opportunities are all around
us. Each evening  they are in the news.  They are  presented to us as part
of  our favourite TV shows. All over Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas,
floods,  forest fires, droughts, hurricanes and other similar events seem to
prepare a global climatic change which can have drastic effects over the
fate of our civilization.   These hundreds of climatic events are shown by
the media as if they were merely  isolated facts,  now happening by some
strange sort of  coincidence.  

This is not true.    

It is also not a coincidence that the signs of ethical and social decay in
our civilization ?  including poverty, war and terrorist attacks  ?  run in
parallel to deforestation, environmental  pollution and climatic changes.
Spirit and matter evolve together.  Each time in History when man?s greed
made him destroy  his natural environment, he himself had to pay the price
for it.  

Theosophy and Universal Brotherhood are the answer. 


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