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A place for Theosophists to work together to create a Movie about JESUS

Jun 01, 2006 07:29 PM
by Compiler

A place for Theosophists to work together to create a Movie about JESUS

Here are two very important updates that are based on what I posted here
in an earlier posting, part of which follows them:

This is the title of the main QuickTopic page that I created, and the
link to it:

A place for Theosophists to work together to create a Movie about JESUS

Using the same title, here is the link to the place where the 24
different files of the 24 articles about Jesus have been individually
uploaded to their QuickTopic instant discussion spaces, and the 24
different links to them:

A place for Theosophists to work together to create a Movie about JESUS

OK, as said, this is some of what I posted in an earlier posting here,
which is what the above QuickTopic working places were created for:

How our THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT can possibly reach the whole world

Dear fellow Theosophists,

This is offered as a starting-idea to be considered by all knowledgeable

Since these sort of movies and books about JESUS ("The Passion of The
Christ", "The Da Vinci Code", etc., etc.) always get so much play and
media publicity and public discussion worldwide, I was wondering if our
Theosophical Movement could in some very skilled and profound way also
enter the scene about JESUS in a real big way -- offering its point of
view about him?

I offer this idea to all of the skilled, talented, and knowledgeable
people throughout our entire worldwide Theosophical Movement, those who
know how to do some of these things: write, communicate, make movies,
give lectures, promote, organize, get publicity, and so on, so that they
can all come together in some way and brain-storm this idea to see what
they might be able to come up with.

In trying to reach them all, I have sent this same message to all of the
theosophical forums that I know of and post in, which are listed at the
end of this message (so that all the members of these forums can know
about this idea as well as pass the word on to all those folks they know
who are not in these particular forums).

In order to help get the ball rolling for consideration, with some
material to work with, I offer below my signing off comments 24 articles
about him for everyone who may be interested. I'm sure that there are
many other articles and writings and information about JESUS scattered
throughout all of the various theosophical organizations for a group
that may come together to work with -- and hopefully the group would be
made up of people from all of the organizations, as well as those folks
who happen to stay independent of any particular organization.

I do hope that something develops from this raw "starting-idea".

As usual, I will not be responding to anyone but will simply read all
that is said about it.

To all of you: Forever yours in Universal Brotherhood & Sisterhood.

Most Sincerely,

John DeSantis


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