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Re: Theos-World AXIS CHANGE

Jun 01, 2006 05:56 PM
by Cass Silva

Some people have been doing the numbers from the Secret Doctrine in regard to the axis etc.  According to this site things wont move for another 16,000 years.
I am attaching a post I recently sent to Carlos and I believe, but I am not sure, that the Heirarchy may in fact relate to the double sided triangle.  The unseen triangle of Parabraham being the 3rd triangle.  Interested in your ideas.

  I wrote on Theos-Talk to Carlos (a newcomer) that there is an inner Government of the World fulfilling a Divine Plan - which is evolution.  Mighty beings guide every event, every deed, good and bad are used by them to achieve a particular part of the plan of the Logos.  All that occurs is the self revelation of the Logos - life reveals itself stage by stage and all forms of life and consciousness are related to each other in a ladder of evolution.  The higher on the evolutionary ladder the more of the Logos is revealed.
 Every globe within the Solar System has a body of Ministers who carry out his plan for that globe, and the hierarchy of our Earth is known as the Gret White Brotherhood.  This is not a mere association of Supermen, but living organisms which contain the life energies of the Logos.  Each Adept has a particular function as part of the heirarchical order.
 This brings me to a subject which I wish to understand, how this Hierarchy functions, through the three triangles.  All I say, is taken from notes written many years ago, which have been brewing away in my consciousness until the time was right to truly understand the concept.  If you can help me in this regard I would be grateful.
 The First Triangle
 Beyond the manifested Logos as a Trinity there is an unmanifested triangle of the Hierarchy of this Earth - behind the great three are
 The King who Wills, The Prime Minister who Plans and The General who executes.
 Behind the three is a Fourth - The Silent Watcher, although I am guessing that the afore mentioned are attributes of the Silent Watcher.
 Around the King are the 4 Great Devarajas  (Mind born sons of Brahma- the Lords of the Flame) who adjust the Karma of Men - The Lords of Karma.  The King has three pupils and assistants who came from Venus, Sanadana, Sanaka and Sanatane
 The Second Triangle are the Three Great Adepts
 The Lord of the World who wills and orders all events for men and angels - within his consciousness is recorded everything which happens on all the seven planes of our globe.  His aura pervades the entire earth; he is aware of all that happens within that Aura, no act is so secret, but he knows, no injustice so small, but he records it.  The Lord is an Adept of the Venus scheme and came here 6.5 million years ago after humanity was transferred from the Moon chain to the Earth Chain.  He is known as Sanat Kumara
 Maitreya is the Wisdom aspect, The World Teacher, a Boddhisatva.
 The Manu- is the Keeper of the Records and is the Divine Mind aspect.
 1st Ray Manu-7th Initiation takes on the Manu of a root race of a globe.  He directs the building of variant after variant of the sub races and Himself incarnates in each sub race to set the form for it.  After his work as a Manu is completed he passes on to take the 8th Initiation of a Pratyeka Buddha and aeons later to take the 9th Initiation, that of a Lord of the World.  As a side note, the Mano who founded the 4th root race is still with humanity and is the Manu Chakshusha - The Atlantead.  The Manu Vaivasvata founded the 5th root race, 60,000 years ago.
 From these triangles a Solar System or Planetary System is formed by 
 The Seven Sons of Light - The Dhyani Buddhas-the Buddhas of Meditation, they are represented as stars linked to the Primeval Seven Flames.  The Dhyani Buddhas govern the rounds - as there are 7 rounds so there are 7 Dhyani Buddhas, one for each round.
 From the Dhyani Buddhas are emanated there Chayas, the Dhyani Boddhisattvas who govern a globe of a planetary chain.
 10th - The Silent Watcher
 9th   - The Lord of the World
 8th   - Pratyeka Buddhas
 7th   - Manu
 6th   - Mahachohan
 5th   - Chohan
 Any clarification or imput would be greatly appreciated.  Unfortunately I cannot display this as it should be seen as the double triangle or even triple triangle.

carlosaveline <> wrote: 
Dear Friends, 

A rare book by now is THE LAST CHANGE OF THE EARTH'S AXIS, by Fred G. Plummer,  Isis Book Reprint, Ohio, 1994, 153 pp.

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