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The Alchemst - a theosphical perspective

Nov 16, 2005 07:37 AM
by piali

Hi friends,

I recently went through The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

It is the story of Santaigo, a young shepherd , who is dreamer, who followed his destiny of finding a treasure. All along the course of his journey, he learns to speak the language of the World and becomes unified with the Soul of the World.He meets many friends and helpers and works out a long and arduous journey, which actually is a discovery of his own self. The story reveals a number of Theosophical truths.

To me it meant ,

1 We all are the Alchemist -always evolving ourselves ,getting rid of our impuritites.ust as the alchemst prepares gold from base metals, so do we approach to our higher self .

2There is a treasure reserved for all of us. It is upto us to discover it.

3 Everyone receives a calling to discover and cherish the treasure. It is upto us to identify the call.

4 Plenty of help is given by superior beings to help in the discover of the treasure. We need to acknowledge them and utilize them.

5 There is oneness in everything and all minerals and vegetables have consciousness, which is forever evolving to a higher state.

Opinions wanted from you all.

Let the inner light shine brighter


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