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Astological Timing:(impersonation) Divine Trimurti -Rudhyar

Oct 07, 2005 03:33 PM
by christinaleestemaker

This first period should therefore be considered a Prologue rather 
than a First Act. It corresponds in our present historical period to 
the eighteenth century, especially since the establishment of the 
first Masonic Lodge in London in 1717. If one wanted to use the 
traditional Hindu symbolism of the Trimurti (or divine Trinity) we 
might call it the Shiva Period, for Shiva is God in His aspect as 
destroyer and purifier. Within or rather through the Shiva-fire  
which corresponds astrologically to Uranus, the iconoclast and 
revolutionist  one can already see the outline of the fire; but this 
light will shine forth far more brilliantly during the real First Act 
of the great planetary ritual-drama which is the coming of the Avatar 
in whom the spirit of the "New Age" is impersonated as a Prototype. 
There must be an "impersonation" within (and especially 
through) a human being because man can only become what he is able to 
consciously imagine, and most men must have some sort of model as a 
basis for their visioning. There is always a Prototype in whom the 
Archetype in-carnates. Through him the creative Power, or Logos, 
which makes possible the new cycle is released. He is both Exemplar 
(Form-aspect) and Source (Energy-aspect)  and this first 
manifestation of what is yet to come is followed by a new release of 
Consciousness, perhaps a complex and multi-faceted release which 
nevertheless can also be related to a central person or group of 
persons. After Shiva, we see appearing the Brahma and the Vishnu 
aspects of the divine creative Power.
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