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from Astrological timing by Rudhyar.

Oct 07, 2005 02:49 PM
by christinaleestemaker

The future of Man indeed is wide open. It serves no very valid 
purpose, I believe, to see this future through rosy glasses 
compensating for inner fears and emotional insecurity. The Aquarius-
Leo Age will be an age of power and of totally managed productivity 
at all levels. But it will no doubt be an age in which the potential 
of spiritual and creative individuality hidden under the symbolism of 
Leo will, in due time  not at once  blossom forth. 
Humanity is unfolding its vast potentialities through a Great 
Sidereal Year whose key-note I believe to be Universalization, while 
the preceding great cycle ending around 100 B. C. had as basic key-
note, Cultivation. But for human beings who in various parts of the 
world are still totally bound to their natal soil and the field which 
their ancestors have cultivated for centuries  and, even in the 
slums of our cities, are likewise bound by ethnic characteristics, or 
in a broader sense, can still flare up into nationalistic and 
patriotic rages  this process of universalization is only beginning. 
Our theoretically Christian Western civilization provided men with 
mostly fanatic ideals and with compelling urges for physical 
conquests and intellectual expansion which represent only the very 
first stage of this process of universalization. We have rushed 
forward, ever seeking more speed, more land to defoliate, more solid 
past to reduce to ashes. Now we are emerging from a kind of "solid 
state" of consciousness to a more "liquid" one. 
Just as heat accelerates the motion of molecules, so modern 
technology has intensified the movements of human individuals and 
collectivities. We are reaching the Moon. It remains to be seen what 
this will do to mankind; but as I believe that the revolutions of the 
Moon around the earth define the boundaries of the earth's "aural" 
(or cosmo-magnetic field), all that we are able to do is to become 
aware of the occult extension of our humanity  perhaps for the first 
time, though not necessarily so. We are reaching a point of vantage 
from which we can both see ours elves as one mankind living on one 
global home, the earth, and observe the universe free from the 
globe's atmosphere, free from the mirages produced by our geocentric 
and ego-conditioned minds. 
This is only the beginning. We are moving from one level of 
consciousness to the next, from one level of "cultivation" to a more 
universalistic field of productivity which we will be able to make 
fruitful thanks to the new release of Aquarian powers. That too will 
only be one phase of the whole process of universalization. The next 
will open with the Capricorn-Cancer Age Phase Three of the great 
cyclic process of civilization and the following fourth phase, the 
Sagittarian-Gemini Age, should witness the concrete fulfillment on a 
perhaps much transformed Earth-surface of much of what the Aquarian 
Age enthusiasts expect quite miraculously to come "right now."

I believe that this reintegration of man into the quasiorganic "body" 
of the earth is perhaps the most important fact of our time. It 
occurs at the threshold of the Aquarian Age, because the basic 
premise of human consciousness in that Age should be not only the 
unity of all mankind, but the quasi-organicity of the earth and our 
united function (as united mankind, or Man) in this earth-Field  
which, I repeat, may in reality expand up to the moon. In ancient 
time, before the rise of transcendent religious philosophies, the 
earth was considered apparently to be the microcosm of the universe; 
then the cosmological picture changed under the pressure of the tide 
of individualization of consciousness within ego-structures, and the 
individual came to be seen as the microcosm of the universal 
macrocosm. Now the two conceptions should become integrated, the 
individual person remaining still a microcosm, but one that is 
operating collectively in the fulfillment of a definite function 
within the fields of ever larger planetary, solar-systemic and 
galactic wholes. 
In other words, we should realize that there is a collective 
operation of Man-as-a-whole; and that this operation exists at 
several levels. The biosphere is the root-level at which mankind 
operates-until now in a fragmented local-culture manner, but perhaps 
from now on in a globally interrelated way. Then there is 
the "noosphere" popularized recently by Teilhard de Chardin and 
representing at the level of the mind the growing unity of Man's 
psychism and the results of more hidden ("occult") interconnections 
and rhythmic interplays between races and cultures. And an ever 
increasing number of individuals are becoming aware, dimly and 
confusedly though it be, of a still more inclusive and subtle level 
of planetary existence and consciousness which Sri Aurobindo in India 
called "supermental," and to which H. P. Blavatsky referred a century 
ago as "the White Lodge." We might call it the theosphere.

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