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RE: The Resurgence of Pseudo-Theosophy

Oct 02, 2005 03:38 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

10/2/2005 2:51 PM

Dear Zakk:

You write:

“------I have not personally and physically entered any theosophy 
lodge and therefore do not have the experience in which
to speak of on this subject. 
DTB     In this one fact is safety for all students. The opinions of
“intermediaries” or “interpreters” are excluded.
----I would ask a question of curiosity :  If I was to go to a 
lodge and present a perspective on some of the material, 
would I be "kicked out" or similar response? I feel free in 
expecting an honest answer as that is your nature.-------“


DTB	As a matter of procedure I would first of all contact some member or
associate of any Lodge you desired to make a presentation to, and say
exactly what you write here. Have an outline ready to show and discuss. 

In my experience I find it easier to start with several questions to find
out the methods and ways in which such enquiries are welcome.

Some Lodges have fixed agendas they follow during “Study-class” periods, and
others are more relaxed and may welcome serious questions, (but not in a
challenging form, since this is a non-contentious, method of study, among
brother students usually -- we are all “Truth-seekers.” ).

Individuals may be met who can guide you and help when you first approach
them. Each Lodge usually conducts several study classes during the month,
and individual students are usually interested in discussing the
fundamentals and basics of the philosophy seriously.

Candor and a desire to exchange views, questions, and difficulties seems
always to be welcome at any Branch of the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY and among all
true students of THEOSOPHY anywhere.

Tact and common sense always rule such opportunities, and all can benefit
from them. 

Best wishes,



-----Original Message-----
From: Zakk 
Sent: Saturday, October 01, 2005 7:37 PM
Subject: Re: The Resurgence of Pseudo-Theosophy

DTB     --- a LIE, if an expression is deliberately made to concealor
distort TRUTH.
ZD       One truth can overlap another in which can conceal or distort
another truth. A lie can be seen as the intentional changing / altering / of
a truth already known or presenting a fabrication as a truth.
DTB     Truths INTERLOCK and support one another.  No confusion if
absolutely TRUE.

ZD ----Truths do interlock and support one another. If there was 
no confusion, or lack of clarity, in perceiving that which is absolutely
TRUE, no interpretations would exist, no opinions. It is true that a blue
shirt is not blue. 

Would anyone find this confusing? 

Or is it impossible for one to find it confusing because it is a truth?

A blue shirt appears to be blue because there is no blue in it. The blue
light is reflected to the eye while the other colors are absorbed.

The shirt is all colors except blue. 

Recognition of truths are dependent on perspectives, not dependent on a
truth being a truth. The truth that the shirt is seen to be blue can overlap
the truth that the shirt is all colors but blue. The interlocking and
support of the different truths must be seen in order to be realized.------

DTB	There are those who are “color-blind,” and there are those who being
acquainted with the physics of light and its many levels of subtle
vibrations can make the observations and deductions you have done here.  

Such statements concerning the nature of average observers, and in addition,
concerning their perception and the use of certain correlative vibratory
aspects of other lights (that may lead to apparent confusion to an observer
UNTIL they are explained, as you do) – then, a freedom of understanding
unlocks difficulties. 

The truth of the matter is that light vibrations are found in practice to
either complement or interfere with one another. A refined aspect of such
knowledge enables the dyer in final practice to achieve the refinements
desired for the average eye. Thus the paradoxes are resolved by the use of a
deeper and more detailed knowledge of CAUSES and ENERGIES. 

Thinking this over, as I see it, one might say: This illustrates THEOSOPHY
– its “hidden aspects” are gradually revealed to those who make an adequate
study of the details already given. THERE ARE NO SHORT-CUTS. 

May I use this as an illustration?

In mankind, we are dealing with a being who, as HPB says in the S D :

“It now becomes plain that there exists in Nature a triple evolutionary
scheme, for the formation of the three periodical Upadhis [forms / realms] ;
or rather three separate schemes of evolution, which in our system are
inextricably interwoven and interblended at every point. These are the
Monadic (or spiritual), the intellectual, and the physical evolutions. 

These three are the finite aspects or the reflections on the field of Cosmic
Illusion of ATMA, the seventh, the ONE REALITY. 

1. The Monadic is, as the name implies, concerned with the growth and
development into still higher phases of activity of the Monad in conjunction

2. The Intellectual, represented by the Manasa-Dhyanis (the Solar Devas, or
the Agnishwatta Pitris) the "givers of intelligence and consciousness"
[mind] * to man and:—

3. The Physical, represented by the Chhayas [SHADOWS -- electro-magnetic
field of forms] of the lunar Pitris, round which Nature has concreted the
present physical body. 

This body serves as the vehicle for the "growth" (to use a misleading word)
and the transformations through Manas and—owing to the accumulation of
experiences—of the finite into the INFINITE, of the transient into the
Eternal and Absolute. 

Each of these three systems has its own laws, and is ruled and guided by
different sets of the highest Dhyanis or "Logoi." Each is represented in the
constitution of man, the Microcosm of the great Macrocosm; and IT IS THE

"Nature," the physical evolutionary Power, could never evolve intelligence
unaided—she can only create "senseless forms," as will be seen in our

The "Lunar Monads" cannot progress, for they have not yet had sufficient
touch with the forms created by "Nature" to allow of their accumulating
experiences through its means. 

It is the Manasa-Dhyanis [Lords of Mind] who fill up the gap, and they
represent the evolutionary power of Intelligence and Mind, the link between
"Spirit" and "Matter"—in this Round. 

Also it must be borne in mind that the Monads which enter upon the
evolutionary cycle upon Globe A, in the first Round, are in very different
stages of development. Hence the matter becomes somewhat complicated. . . .
Let us recapitulate. 

The most developed Monads (the lunar) reach the human germ-stage in the
first Round; become terrestrial, though very ethereal human beings towards
the end of the Third Round, remaining on it (the globe) through the
"obscuration" period as the seed for future mankind in the Fourth Round, and
thus become the pioneers of Humanity at the beginning of this, the Fourth

Others reach the Human stage only during later Rounds, i.e., in the second,
third, or first half of the Fourth Round. 

And finally the most retarded of all, i.e., those still occupying animal
forms after the middle turning-point of the Fourth Round—will not become men
at all during this Manwantara. 

They will reach to the verge of humanity only at the close of the seventh
Round to be, in their turn, ushered into a new chain after pralaya—by older
pioneers, the progenitors of humanity, or the Seed-Humanity (Sishta), viz.,
the men who will be at the head of all at the end of these Rounds. “ S D
I 181-2


DTB	Our work is to “pass along” (faithfully, diligently and accurately)
the treasures received I trust. Not all may view THEOSOPHY as a “treasure!”


ZD-----This work is admirable, as stated previously. Others work to 
promote further understanding. Others work to promote brotherhood as a
primary duty. There are many avenues one may take to assist our brethren.
Not one is greater nor lesser than the other.------

DTB	BROTHERHOOD is for me, an every-day attitude. 
ZD	This is perceived as obvious from your postings and the
manner in which they are presented. I would state that it is 
not the common attitude encountered with any single 
individual on an every day basis.

DTB	Individuals may share with each other their discoveries with a view
to securing greater depth and reassurance of concurrent views or the

ZD ------I have not personally and physically entered any theosophy lodge
and therefore do not have the experience in which
to speak of on this subject. ------

DTB     In this one fact is safety for all students. The opinions of
“intermediaries” or “interpreters” are excluded.

ZD----I would ask a question of curiosity :  If I was to go to a 
lodge and present a perspective on some of the material, 
would I be "kicked out" or similar response? I feel free in 
expecting an honest answer as that is your nature.-------
ZD------Thank you for your replies. Always a pleasure


Best wishes,


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