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RE: The Resurgence of Pseudo-Theosophy

Oct 01, 2005 05:00 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

10/1/2005 1:28 AM

Dear Zakk:

Some comment below, please





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From: Zakk 
Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 8:21 PM
Subject: Re: The Resurgence of Pseudo-Theosophy

You write [ZD]: I endeavor to answer [DTB] 

DTB >12 In logic we either express a statement of FACT or a

ZD There are also hypothesis, theory, or opinion / speculation

DTB a LIE, if an expression is deliberately made to conceal or distort

ZD One truth can overlap another in which can conceal or distort
another truth. A lie can be seen as the intentional changing / altering / of
a truth already known or presenting a fabrication as a truth.


DTB Truths INTERLOCK and support one another. No confusion if
absolutely TRUE.


DTB 13 The moral or ethical laws [veracity, honesty, tolerance,
abstinence, charity, self-control, etc.] are absolute. They are the "keys"
to esoteric WISDOM and the purification of the "lower nature" of man.

ZD Tolerance and self control may often be under practiced, especially
when communing with our brethren.

DTB The work and presentation of a philosopher should always be
thoroughly checked for exactitude and statement of facts.

ZD When something is stated as a fact, one can say it should be 

checked as to it's validity.

When something is stated as a speculation, one can say it should 

be checked as to it's validity.

The point is only that not all things are stated as a fact, that it should

be checked according to it's presentation. 

DTB If these are misstated or misquoted deliberately then a LIE is to be

ZD A deception at the least, yes.

DTB The word "LIE" has a strong impact. 


But it lets the reader or listener know exactly what is thought of an
expression or usage. 

ZD What is thought of an expression or usage is an opinion. What is
known of an expression or usage, and it be intentionally false, is a lie.
There are many ways in which to reveal a lie. Some are positive, some are
negative, in their aspects.

Note : My comments are stated as general statements and do not refer

to any specific situation /s.

DTB Everyone can err, but any error can be mitigated and recalled. It
takes great strength of character and a resolute honesty to do this.

Yes, it does. 

DTB THEOSOPHY does not invite "true believers." It invites free and
determined questing MINDS - those who desire to know the TRUTH about things.
Having secured confirmation of facts, it demands a fearless expression of

In an attitude and behavior in which is descriptive of brotherhood, yes.

DTB The UNITED LODGE OF THEOSOPHISTS is not an organization but an
ASSOCIATION of free individuals -- of volunteers - of students of THEOSOPHY

It has no By-Laws, Rules or Officers. 

They have assumed a single duty: The keeping in print of the original
teachings of THEOSOPHY as recorded by H. P. Blavatsky, so that all students
may go direct to those and read and study for themselves WITHOUT ANY
INTERMEDIARIES. In terms of work, they usually also provide regular
study-classes where these "original teachings" of THEOSOPHY are read and

ZD The assuming of a single duty being the promotion and practice of
brotherhood in all it's facets would seem the higher priority to some. The
keeping in print of the original presentations from HPB is an admirable
venture and one that I would personally promote. 

I would ask though, what benefit is words on paper without brotherhood and

Why place words on paper above brotherhood as a single duty? 

This I do not understand. That the original presentations can

assist in promoting brotherhood I do understand. 


DTB ORIGINAL TEACHINGS are most important if new students desire to
discover if THEOSOPHY is valid.

Our work is to "pass along" (faithfully, diligently and accurately) the
treasures received I trust. Not all may view THEOSOPHY as a "treasure !" 

Study is a voluntary effort carried on by enthusiasts who are "Seekers for

Each one makes their own contact, and develops their own understanding of
the propositions offered. There is no enforcement, no "supervision." 

BROTHERHOOD is for me, an every-day attitude. It is based on the concept of
the immortality of the inner Monad. 

Individuals may share with each other their discoveries with a view to
securing greater depth and reassurance of concurrent views or the reverse. 


DTB In this one fact is safety for all students. The opinions of
"intermediaries" or "interpreters" are excluded.

ZD Any who read the material are interpreters. Excluding all
interpreters exclude all human beings from being students. I am not sure as
to the intent / meaning of the statements. I am certain it is not as I read

DTB The "clash of opinions" is fruitless (and not to be respected)unless
those "opinions" are demonstrable as actual FACTS.

ZD The existence of Adepts can not be proven unless an Adept desires
it to be so. Since Theosophists can not prove and demonstate such as actual
FACT, does it mean it is not to be respected? 

Many other examples of that in which can not be demonstated as actual FACT
can be presented. I would appreciate an expounding of what is meant by the
above statement. 


DTB I see as methods of proof: 

(1) testimony [ found in numerous accounts of
personal witnesses ]

(2) coherence of information offered to be
considered - in content, logic, support from other reliable sources.

(3) lack of any enforcement, or any promises of
securing personal preference or powers.



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