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Re: Theos-World Those who study Blavatsky's writing become fundamentalists

May 09, 2005 11:21 AM
by Anand Gholap

You wrote
"Like many, my Theosophical studies began with an open mind, with
predominant exposure to Leadbeater, Besant, Hodson, Jinarajadasa and
their commentators' information. After a number of years as a serious
and committed student I began lecturing for the Adyar Society and
even constructed and ran an introductory course for newcomers for a
number of years, based in part on the above authors' teachings. After
considerable work, this course was published and distributed
throughout Adyar Lodges in Australia, now very, very much to my
That means when you supported those authors you believed you were
right. Now you don't think so. So truth is for most of the students
is subjective or relative. You should say " I now think .... is right
but I may be wrong because at other moment I believed opposite views
were right" More thought on this is perhaps required.

Anand Gholap


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