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Re: Theos-World Comparing Deveney with Algeo

Dec 31, 2004 02:45 PM
by MKR

There is a simple solution.

If the originals can be scanned and made available on the Internet, anyone interested in transcribing and comparing with the published transcription can come up with a definitive answer letter by letter; thus any *censoring* either real or accidental can be identified and discussed. (However one cannot make much money on Internet publishing.)

Let us not forget that once any one is part of any organizational structure, there are going to be direct or indirect pressures during publishing. (We all know of the 1900 letter from Master KH was redacted for one reason or another and full unredacated letter was available only several decades later and published by another publication.)


At 06:12 PM 12/31/04 +0000, Daniel H. Caldwell wrote:

Comparing Deveney with Algeo

In his review of THE LETTERS OF H.P.
BLAVATSKY, Volume I, Mr. John Patrick Deveney


[Dr. Algeo] ... states
that, for unspecified reasons, none
of Cooper's work could be used "directly,"
and that even his transcriptions of texts
were not used because they were "not
accurate." This is a surprising charge,
directed as it is toward a person known
for his meticulous work and now unavailable
to defend himself.
July 2004 issue.]

------------------rest deleted ----------------------

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