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Re: Theos-World Re: Did Judge teach hatred ?

Dec 30, 2004 04:20 PM
by Cass Silva

Dear Zakk
Read letter 85B, and am now even more confused.
"that the individuality or the immortal "Ego" has to re-appear "in every cycle".
The "astral monad" is the personal "ego" and therefore it never reincarnates, but under "exceptional circumstances", in which case, reincarnating, it does not become a shell, 
but if successful in its second reincarnation will become one, and then gradually lose its personality, after being so to say emptied of its best and highest spiritual attributes by the immortal monad or the "Spiritual Ego".

CS: If unsuccessful in reincarnating it does become a shell and gradually disintegrates and eventually proceeds to Devachan?

CS: at the death of the second reincarnation it will then become a shell and gradually disintegrates and eventually proceeds to Devachan?

Although very interesting it doesnt answer my question regarding the "spiritual Ego" never re-incarnating on the same planet, or in the same cycle, even though it may only spend 3000 years in Devachan. Surely this planet (earth) will be around 1,000,000 years from now, so where are we in Devachan Circa 3001?

M. does say in Letter No. 44 The perfect man or the entity which reached full perfection, (each of his seven principles being matured) will not be reborn here. His local terrestrial cycle is completed and he has to either proceed onward or - be annihilated as an individuality. (The incomplete entities have to be reborn or reincarnated). On their fifth round after a partial Nirvana when the zenith of the grand cycle is reached, they will be held responsible henceforth in their descents from sphere to sphere, as they will have to appear on this earth as a still more perfect and intellectual race. This downward course has not yet begun but will soon. Only how many - oh, how many will be destroyed on their way!

CS: What does he mean when he says "he has to either proceed onward - or be annibilated as an individuality? I am supposing he means Nirvana - total bliss for all time?

Dallas keeps sending me articles on reincarnation but I cannot find anything relating to my question.

Your help would be appreciated.


Cass Silva <> wrote:


Zakk Duffany wrote:

In Collected Writings Volume X (December 1888), look at 
The Dirge For The Dead. It will explain the usage of the 
words planet and cycle in regards to reincarnation as it was
stated in Isis Unveiled. Misconceptions arose due to the wording
that was utilized. It may clear up some questions.
In referencing ML 85-B, it was not from an internet site but a
from a CD on HPB material. I do not know if they correlate the 

> Dear Zakk
> Have looked up Mahatma Letters and HPB's letters and there is no 85B. 
>Only 85 which doesnt refer to reincarnation to the same planet.<

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