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Re: News from Adyar TS Headquarters

Dec 27, 2004 02:39 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "Katinka Hesselink" <mail@k...> 

> For those of you wondering whether the Tsunami hit the TS-Adyar
> headquarters in India: it missed it. The neighbouring
> fishermansvillage has been hit and some of the students at the
> Olcottschool and their parents are missing, but the convention is
> going on as planned. 

Having spoken on the phone with a number of officers at Adyar, 
including the President, I was told that a number of Indian TS 
workers and their families who live near the Adyar river were 
severely affected by the calamity. I was also told that approximately 
2,000 dwellers from the nearby fishing village are taking shelter in 
the grounds of the Olcott Memorial High School (founded by HSO in 
1894), on the TS estate.

The Theosophical Order of Service, which will have a conference in a 
few days at Adyar, has launched an appeal for funds, which one hopes 
will very soon become an international appeal. In the mid-1990s, when 
a powerful earthquake hit Gujarat, India, a similar appeal was made. 
The Theosophical Order of Service, at times of national calamity like 
this, liaises with the Ramakrishna Mission in India which has a wide 
national capilarity in reaching out those in need.


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