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Re: Theos-World How fractal evolution works - part 2

Dec 17, 2004 09:11 PM
by Cass Silva

Welcome back

Mauri <> wrote: wrote, in part:
> How fractal evolution works... 

> This won't occur until scientists realize that consciousness (as awareness 
> and will or intent) is a universal aspect of fundamental reality related to the 
> zero-point itself... That is everywhere (contiguous on the highest level of 
> zero-point energy) and is the central origin of all fields of force... While 
> being the basis of the so called "entanglement" or "action at a distance"between 
> fundamental quantum particles on any level. With this ultimate understanding 
> they will also be able to synthesize information theory with relativity and 
> quantum theories, along with recent theories of Aether physics, plasma 
> electrodynamics, holographic paradigm, etc., and come up with an entirelynew and 
> synthetic scientific (physics, biology, cosmology, physiology, etc.) paradigm. 
> When all this is accomplished, science will be able to finally merge with 
> religion... And, the rest of Mankind can go about learning these fundamental 
> truths, absorbing them (along with the eternality of spirit or self, and the unity 
> and connectedness of all that they imply) into their souls, and cleaning up 
> its act (that is now driving the world toward it ultimate destruction).
> Best wishes,
> Leon Maurer

Leon, those kinds of efforts remind me 
of the efforts of those "gods" like 
Osiris during the "First Time" (Zep 
Tepi) in ancient Egypt. So maybe if you 
were to build a few impressive pyramids 
or some kind of equally impressive 
things, as well, would that help to 
impressive the natives that more is 
going on than meets the average native 
eye ... ? Not that your ABC's might not 
necessarily be seen as impressive 
enough, maybe, in some sense, maybe ... 
but then if your ABC's get the same kind 
of interpretive treatment that the 
pyramids have had from orthodox 
Egyptologists, well ... ^:-/ ...

Good Luck, anyway.

PS Been reading Hancocks FINGERPRINTS 
OF THE GODS, lately. Fascinating.

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