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Re: Theos-World Creating "God"

Dec 12, 2004 10:47 AM
by Andrew W. Smith

--- In, Cass Silva <silva_cass@y...> wrote:
> Dear Krishtar
> We are different from "the Borg" because we have free will.
> To quote Theosophy
> The whole Cosmos is guided by an endless heirarchy. Every entity 
lives its life in the sphere of a greater being. Every member of the 
Heirarchy is linked together. Every being or every entity is part of 
the Divine Plan.
> Our common origin in in Eternal matter - one infinite mind from 
which all ideas emanate.

"Dear Krishtar
> "We are different from "the Borg" because we have free will."

The remainder of your message is a perfect description of what "The 
borg" is like! We have, as HPB said, free will because "demon est 
Deus inversus" and that "nature unaided fails." There is a Divine 
Plan, but we are not "linked together" like the Borg! Re-read what 
you wrote and then compare it to "The borg." Maybe HPB would be 
better for setting up our ("Secret")doctrine.


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