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Re: Theos-World Projection of Astral Body - II

Dec 11, 2004 06:25 PM
by Cass Silva

Dear Kamal
You have enjoyed a wonderful experience. Theosophy teaches that man has seven bodies each corresponding to seven planes of existence. Therefore the Astral Body can function on all these planes. The lower levels of the Astral, I am told, in not very pleasant place and is occupied by men (when in body) of evil and criminal make up. Please be sure to read all you can about the different planes on the astral so that you will be able to recognize all forms and entities and keep safe.

Kamal Singh Rajput <> wrote:


Encouraged by the first experiment on projection of astral body, 
I started reading books on astral-plain and astral body. Luckily, I found a 
teacher at Sagar (a town where I lived); who possessed hundreds of books on 
para-psychology, theosophy and spiritualism.
I learned that every body possesses his or her astral body of exactly the 
same shape and form as his or her physical body. The astral body consists of 
finer form of matter. It is said that there is cell to cell coincidence 
between the physical and the astral. When we are awake, the astral body 
coincides with the astral body. When we go to sleep, generally the astral 
body comes out of the physical body but we remain asleep in the astral body. 
This is the reason why we do not notice its existence. Anyhow, if we become 
awake in the astral body and learn to control it; a wonderful New World is 
before us. We can go to distant places and meet different people on the 
physical as well as astral plain. The astral body remains connected with the 
physical body with a silvery card; which extends as the astral.body moves 
out of it.

I followed another method to project my astral body. There was no 
fast. I laid down normally on my back while going to sleep. I concentrated 
on my heart and thought that my heart rate is slowing down. I tried to keep 
one hand up. This was to keep my self semi-conscious or half-awake. After a 
while, I observed a glowing white envelope covering my body just few 
centimeters above. It remained for few minutes and thereafter I went to 

Wonderful experience! The astral body was just separated from the 


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