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Re: Theos-World Re: Hilarion

Dec 09, 2004 03:00 AM
by Erica Letzerich

Hi Krishtar,
Ha, I liked the viagem na maionese... :) First time I hear this expression.

krishtar <> wrote:

Hi Erica

If we look for His references outside the theosophical texts there will be lots of presumed channeled messages from Him.
Summit lighthouse for example offers channeled texts that are mostly dreadful stuff in their literature.
Clair Prophetīs works at Summit and other sub-branches seem a great " viagem na maionese" ( daydreaming), IMHO, of course.

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Subject: Theos-World Re: Hilarion

I remember to have read that the first time Blavatsky meet Hilarion
was in Egypt, Cairo. She mentions that Hilarion was Greek. As I am 
making a research about the Mahatmas I would like to collect
more material related to the early period of the Theosophical
Society about the Adept Hilarion. If anyone has some sources about
Hilarion (sources related to the early period of the T.S.) it will
be welcome.

Making some research I found the following information related to

It's said that Hilarion was the author of Light on the Path...

Also I found the following in the Letters from the Masters of Wisdom

1 From the Master Hilarion, received June 6, 1883. Colonel Olcott
writes in that date in his Diary:

"Had nice test this a.m. Couldn't decide whether to accept
invitations to Colombo or Allahabad first. Put Avinas Ch. Bannerji's
letter in shrine, locked door, instantly reopened it and got the
written orders of Maha Sahib through Hilarion in French. Done while
I stood there and not half a minute had elapsed." The Master H. was
in Bombay on February 19, 1881, when He visited both Founders:
Colonel Olcott thus writes in his Diary: "Hilarion is here en route
for Tibet and has been looking over, in, and through the situation.
Finds B-something morally awful. Views on India, Bombay, the T.S. in
Bombay, Ceylon (-), England and Europe, Christianity and other
subjects highly interesting."

A note in the collected writings:

Collected Writings VOLUME VI August, 1884 MR. A. LILLIE'S DELUSIONS

[The "Eastern adept" spoken of by H. P. B. in the above article is
Hilarion, who lived for a time on the island of Cyprus, and
collaborated with H. P. B. in the writing of her occult stories. He
signed himself "Hilarion Smerdis." Col. Henry S. Olcott's entry of
Feb. 19, 1881, in his Diaries, says: "Hilarion is here en route for
Tibet, and has been looking over, in and through the
situation . . . " This entry was made in Bombay. Master K. H. refers
also to this journey of Hilarion from Cyprus to Tibet (Mahatma
Letters, p. 289).--Compiler.]

Also the following:

Sept., Oct., Nov., 1883

In this text there the original letter in Master Hilarion's
handwriting which is preserved in the Archives of The Theosophical
Society at Adyar, Madras, India. The letter says the following:

"Maha Sahib, with whom I am at the moment, orders me to say that the
most reasonable plan would be to make a tour of about a month in the
neighboring districts. From Tinnevelly or even from Malabar the
Colonel could go to Colombo for a few days-but only for a few days-
to encourage them and to recharge them with his personal ¬k‚—a-which
could not fail to be beneficial to them. The Societies of the South
are in need of his vivifying presence. Going round about within the
Presidency, he could thus be recalled at any time to Headquarters,
should there be need. July 17 would be the proper time to go to the
Northern Provinces, visiting all the Societies on the road, from
Bellary to Poona, etc.
"Maha Sahib begs the Colonel not to risk his health too much. His
advice would be to use a magnetic tile on the heads of three or four
people here and to try to enter into relation with [the R‚jahs of]
Venkatagiri and Vizianagram. For that there is enough time till June
17. Let him make a plan and present it."

Also in the extracts of Colonell Olcott diary we find the following
about Hilarion:

Tuesday, November 27. p .m. Damodar returned looking haggard, but
more tough and wiry than before. He is now a new man indeed. Brought
me a message from Hilarion.

Also the following:
The Adept-Brother known as Hilarion, Ilarion, and Hillarion Smerdis,
who, among other things, collaborated with H.P.B. in the writing of
her occult stories. C.W. Vol. I compilers note


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