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Re: Theos-World Pedro on his "Difficulty" about use of concepts "Atma" and "S...

Nov 28, 2004 08:42 PM
by samblo

It was my pleasure to post anything appreciated by members here. One thing 
I did consider posting that is useful in the overall context of the earlier 
post is a website that has the off-the-wall-name of "Guru Rating" but on 
reading on the page this is an expressive listing of Tibetan Lama's many are Tulku 
and High Dharma Holders with multiple recognized incarnations. They are from 
more than one of the several Tibetan Orders. I was quite impressed by the pages 
the Links took me too, and it gave me a wider insight into the progress of the 
"expansion" that is now roaring ahead at full tilt worldwide. I recommend it 
as a resource to one and all.

Guru Ratings - Tibetan Buddhists T.htm

enjoy, John

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