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Re: Theos-World Introduction

Nov 27, 2004 08:40 PM
by leonmaurer

Dear Tom,


I'd be most interested (as I'm sure would be most theosophical philosophers) 
in hearing about "your philosophy" and how it relates to both professional 
gambling and theosophy... Although my reasons could be different. 

One of my closest friends and business partner (since our meeting in grammar 
school) was also a professional gambler in Las Vegas since the early 1970s. He 
was not a studied theosophist but was sympathetic to its premises and 
conclusions (which we discussed at length). He practiced altruism by writing 
newspaper articles and publishing pamphlets that would help novice gamblers avoid 
being cheated by teaching them all about the ways the different games they might 
play manipulate the odds to assure house profits, and how to avoid the 
pitfalls and gamble intelligently. He also wrote some instructional pieces about 
methods that professional gamblers use and what games they play to assure their 
own income. It seems that an intuitive understanding of karma and its 
relationship to cycles and periodicity might be useful in our practical lives no 
matter what profession we may be in. :-) 

Look forward to your comments.

Best wishes, 

Leon Maurer

In a message dated 11/27/04 9:54:19 PM, writes:

>I am a life member of the Theosophical Society. I was active in the
>Seattle lodge from 1994 through 1998. I also participated in the
>theos-l email list in some of those years. I live in Las Vegas, where
>I've lived as a professional gambler most of my adult life. Much of
>my philosophy is based on what I've read and discussed of Theosophy. 

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