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Re: Theos-World re Leonardo's "Synthesis of Science, Religion and Phi losophy"

Nov 23, 2004 08:20 AM
by Regina St Clare

Mauri,Leon and All,

My mystical moments" are VERY VISUAL, and being interested in film and how those "realities" can be portrayed, as they are so well in What Dreams May Come, I think we are closer to having access to the inner workings of how we create, via thought forms, whatever we want to make of IT, meaning the JUICE that we draw from to manifest anything.

A logical, visual display, can make it easier to understand so much.
Just as a picture is worth a 1000 words, a symbol is worth a 1000 metaphors.

It is that language thing again...realizing that we each have a personal vocabulary/experience for the same concepts... thus limited consensual language. 

Leon's work contributes a focus for understanidng.

Let us agree to agree that we need to have common language, so we can get beyond argueing whose way of seeing is better, (OK better for you) but we are challenged with we-ness, the "us", the radical Oneness, if you will.

Seeking to understand is where I think this chat is taking us...? 

-- Mauri <mhart@i...> wrote:

Leonardo wrote, in part: <<That 
synthesis is what the Secret Doctrine is 
all about... Since the "science" spoken 
of, in its "synthesis of science, 
religion and philosophy," is a merger of 
metaphysical science with physical 
science -- which, incidentally, since 
Einstein made that merger a living 
reality (and the new M-theory takes it 
even deeper by unifying his mutually 
incompatible relativity and quantum 
theories) -- the old "mystical" (even up 
to AAB who was stuck in it) aspects of 
theosophy no longer exist. Vide, Leon 
Maurer's ABC theory -- that pulls all 
those scientific theories together and 
links them to what was the "ancient
metaphysical mysteries" -- which have 
now been turned into a simple and 
understandable metaphysical/physical 
scientific philosophy (that can be 
intuitively "visualized," if not 
explained in words) >>

"Intuitively 'visualized'" might be one 
thing, in whatever context, but I was 
referring to "mystical" in terms of 
"that which can only be experienced but 
cannot be described." To my way of 
speculating, "intuitive visualization" 
doesn't sound like the same thing, in 
terms of how those words might be 
generally interpreted, as "direct 
experiencing" re 
mystical/occult/esoteric. In terms of 
modeling (if Theosophy is seen as a form 
of modeling of r/Reality/t/Truth) such 
"intuitive visualization" might be 
"understandable," in whatever 
sense/context, but I've been under the 
impression that before one can have 
certain "direct experiences," one would 
have to somehow transcend all forms of 
modeling. Of course if one thinks that 
one's modeling is good for that kind of 
transcending (and that might be why some 
of us might have an interest in the 
likes of Theosophy and ABC's ...) ... 
what can I say ... Still, at the end of 
the day ... ^:-/ ...

<<He's doing well... Speculating on the 
pure scientific aspects of theosophy...
But sometimes leaves the religious, 
yogic, or mystical occult stuff for me 
to rave about. :-) >>

Oh, okay ... ^:-/ ...


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