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Re: Theos-World RE: RE: Cayce's relevance to Theosophy/theosophy

Nov 13, 2004 05:12 PM
by bta1012003

Jerry: We find ourselves making the same comments about HPB's 
writings. Sometime we run into people who are into some new age 
thing and start telling us about the latest books, with great ideas 
they have never heard before. In almost every case, it is some 
simplified and distorted version of something that HPB had written 
about over a hundred years ago. There is nothing quite like her, 
and she seems to be the direct or indirect source for so many 
current ideas. 

Barbara: Exactly!! Every "hot" new age books that I have picked up 
seems to be just touching the surface of HPB's ideas, some more 
accurately than others. One question I have is that the TS movement 
started more than a hundred years ago and nothing has been quite 
like it since. Did HPB ever mention the next time when something 
similar may occur again? 
Jerry: While we have study groups on Theosophical texts (e.g. 
Secret Doctrine, Mahatma Letters, Voice etc.), We also do classes 
where we explore subjects HPB covers by using current works. We 
have found that these studies tremendously expands, clarifies and 
brings a whole new relevance and currency to HPB's writings. We 
just finished a two year course on Kaballah, which started with the 
roots of Judaism in Egyptian, Babylonian and Canaanite religions. 
Currently we are doing a course on the roots and origins of 
Christianity. I'll be happy to email you and/or anyone interested 
a copy of our syllabus for this current class. 
Barbara: Yes I would appreciate a copy of your syllabus. I am 
looking for something a bit more contemporary. Sometimes I feel 
silly immersing most of my life in something that happened a hundred 
years ago. I keep hoping I can find either the next generation to 
the SD or something that has the same quality by a current teacher. 

And thanks again for the Voice; I will print it out Monday at work.

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