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Re: Theos-World 129 YEARS OF THEOSOPHY RELATED to time, people, place and...

Nov 13, 2004 01:12 PM
by ringding777

Morten, I agree with all, esp. when you write:

===>Because there are so few teacher with real capacity,
the newcomers often pile up in social tea-and-talk groups
which from time to time call themselves the names like
"original theosophical society" or a branched off version 
It is often a place where their potential progress are being 
kept down,
because the socalled teachers in charge are not capeable of 
them since they themselves follow crystallized 
and perhaps even dogma. Thought-patterns which are not 
suited to
the newcomers spiritual needs - but instead perhaps his or 
her Wants.

The only problems is that the crystallized branch presidents 
to not know and do not believe that they are crystallized. 
Perhaps it is an age problem, because the most leading 
theosophists (at least in Germany) are over 60 and the most 
people - theosophists seem not to make an exception - can 
not or will not think anymore after they have turned 40. 
Goethe says that you cannot convince fools that they are 
If I were to go to my local Blavatsky Lodge (Adyar) and here 
the poppycock of which 90% is in direct opposition of what 
HPB taught, and hear that HPB in her New York time did not 
know the Masters or the reincarnation doctrine, was sex 
pervert etc. etc., that the Secret Doctrine is full of 
errors and outdated, that the Masters have forbidden to read 
their letters, that the ML do not contain any worthy 
information, that evil doings like drug dealing is 
theosophical because the evil is equal to the good, that 
the TS has no moral code, that neither HPB nor the Masters 
know the truth, that the individual philosophy is right that 
everyone has his own truth, etc. - and I would, having my 
own truth which is approved for any postulated lie there 
against HPB and Theosophy, they hinder me to speak out my 
truth that I have proofed that HPB knew abaout reincanration 
in NY etc.... This is not allowed to speak out. They call it 
unbrotherly, disharmonious. But if you hold a lecture there 
postulating that HPB was a liar, Judge an idiot, the Masters 
but phantasy - then you are welcome in the Blavatsky Lodge - 
they will call it: liberal, modern, tolerant.
The problem is that this pdeuso-theosophist are only 
tolerant to the lie, nver tolerant to the truth. They 
persecute always the truth, never the lie. It seems we 
follow the same astral track as 2,000 years before. When 
will be the first pyre erected?

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