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129 YEARS OF THEOSOPHY RELATED to time, people, place and...

Nov 13, 2004 11:29 AM
by Morten N. Olesen

Hallo all,

A few views:

It is so that many of the various theosophical groups
and branched off cults (and even other groups) fulfilles
a social WANT or DESIRE within
the beginner Seeker or potential initiate.

And it is also so, that among these same theosophical
groups and various branched off cults we only
find a few in charge as teachers, which are capeable
of taking care of the newcomers true SPIRITUAL NEEDS
when he or she arrives at the doorstep of the particular
group which is being favoured by the newcomer for certain
superficial often quite egoistical reasons. Something
the newcomer likes to reject while saying that it is not true.

Because there are so few teacher with real capacity,
the newcomers often pile up in social tea-and-talk groups
which from time to time call themselves the names like
"original theosophical society" or a branched off version hereoff.
It is often a place where their potential progress are being kept down,
because the socalled teachers in charge are not capeable of helping
them since they themselves follow crystallized thought-patterns
and perhaps even dogma. Thought-patterns which are not suited to
the newcomers spiritual needs - but instead perhaps his or her Wants.

One of the inadequate groups which has a teacher with
a lower kind of capacity are the group, which
cling to the socalled ORIGINAL teaching of past authors
no matter what newcomer they come across.
Even if this teaching only will be suited to
very few newcomers true spiritual Needs.
A Need Which is not necessarily the same as their Wants.

So we might Need to say, that a real theosophical
group Needs to state that the primary teaching
of the newcomer is the teaching, which suits
the newcomers spiritual Needs and not necessarily his or hers spiritual
Wants and desires.

Such a primary teahing will of course has to be wisdom teaching
and a teaching, which in the beginning are to be studied
without any real teacher of capacity.
When the time is ripe, the teacher arrives and the Seeker becomes
a chela under probation.

Just some views.

M. Sufilight with peace and love...

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How else can brotherhood be achieved?
It is a gift, not an enforcement.

The problem is that most theosophists create their theosophy
according to their image.
Everyone understands soemthing different with such terms as
brotherhood, justice, karma.

The Besantites called Judge unbrotherly because he finished
her trial period as a chela in the E.S.
The Congerites called Emmett Small unbrotherly because
refused to sign blindly a form that he regards Conger as a
messenger of the Masters.

The Crosbie-ites called Katherine Tingley unbrotherly
because she canceled his TS membership.

"Communism" was such an idea, but fails because it is
enforced from outside.
So it turns out in practice to be a tattle-tale affair, and
this brings on
its utter failure. Revenge and fear have destroyed its
concept of

"Theosophy" was such an idea, but fails because it is
destroyed from inside.
So it turns out in practice to be a tattle-tale affair, and
this brings on
its utter failure. Revenge and fear have destroyed its
concept of

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