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Re: Theos-World Re: Cayce's relevance to Theosophy/theosophy

Nov 11, 2004 12:29 PM
by leonmaurer

HPB had no disagreements with karma or reincarnation per se -- but thought 
that the Buddhists and Hindus didn't teach their metaphysics or evolutionary 
processes properly. For example, some of them teach that we can reincarnate as 
animals -- which violates both the laws of karma as well as reincarnation -- 
which, in theosophical evolution, can only operate in a forward direction and 
proceed from the lower to the higher states. Thus, according to theosophy, a 
human can think and act like an animal in a present life as a result of karma 
from a past life -- but cannot be born again in an animal body. Nor, can anyone 
attain true Nirvana without first mitigating all past karma by setting up the 
proper counter waves or compensatory actions. However, most of the higher order 
teachings of some esoteric sects of Buddhism are in perfect agreement with 
theosophy. Vide, the life of Milarepa who, supposedly, attained enlightenment in 
one lifetime after going through unimaginable hardships to compensate for his 
earlier evil actions.


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>What are some of the disagreements that HPB had with karma, reincarnation,

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